This Mystery Smartwatch from Haier could be the best safety gadget

This Mystery Smartwatch from Haier could be the best safety gadget
On the occasion of recently held IFA Global Press conference, Haier unveiled their latest Smartwatch concept which unlike most of the Smartwatches out there won’t be sophisticated multi layered high tech hardware equipped watch but just an attempt for the protection of elderly people and children.
Keeping it as simple and neat as possible, this unlabeled Smartwatch will sport a simple display capable of showing date, time, battery and signal power. It will be controlled by single button and will be provided with a micro USB charging port.   
This Smartwatch will have the ability to recognize safe and unsafe territories for a children or an elderly person as per the area limits set by the guardians. As soon as an individual crosses safe area, the linked Smartphone will receive the notification immediately.  
This Smartwatch will be operating on a cellular network and will give access to parents to talk to the children and that’s why it also houses a microphone inside. It’s a limited functionality Smartwatch and is good enough to keep children on track without getting addicted to stuff affecting their studies besides providing safety. Haier is soon starting to sell this Smartwatch in Europe at the price of 108USD while as it’s modified version for elderly people will be available for sale at Price : 141USD.

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