Take a look at Facebook’s latest productive features introduced within past few months

Take a look at Facebook’s latest productive features introduced within past few months
World’s largest social networking service Facebook is developing some innovative features which could let users do amazing things online. This year 2015 has been a good head start for Facebook so far because a huge variety of new features are out in the Q1 of 2015 and many other unbelievable features are yet to be welcomed.  It’s clearly visible the Facebook although lives in the veins of every social person but it’s not enough so Facebook wants to be feed by more crowd which is only possible by introduction of such features which are good for community and were not seen before. Let’s check out what Facebook has introduced for us within past few months.
  1. Suicide Alarm: This noble feature from Facebook makes it possible to reach out for the person who is trying to attempt suicide. Wait! It isn’t any magic or sensor system but Facebook will let users to report the posts of any friend if they feel suicidal or his thought are somewhat suicidal, that person will be provided proper guidance via Facebook and help lines. This features has been rolled out by Facebook in collaboration with the US based Suicide Prevention firm. According to a Facebook official, they are at service to such kind of people 24*7 and will definitely make use of every possible motivational tool to prevent suicide.
  2. Video Calling Feature by Facebook: Facebook’s native messenger app is now capable of making video calls free. It felt good to hear that there will be no barrier between Android and IOS in this case which means that Android users and IOS users can make video calls to each other seamlessly. So far this update is available on Android and IOS only and will be made available for rest of the platforms in due course of time.
  3. Money Transfer: knowing the success of online money transfer services like Paypal, Facebook is also planning to started money transfer feature and may be out sooner than you imagine. The messenger app users can simply tap on $ icon placed among the bunch of icons for stickers, etc. The users will need to verify their debit cards and enter debit card number for successful transaction. Facebook has made it clear that there will be adequate level of security and monitoring on Facebook servers separately set for money related transactions. Facebook also said that those servers are currently transacting millions of payments on the go in a completely secure manner and people will love this service.
  4. Intra messenger apps: At the latest Developer conference of Facebook in San Francisco, Facebook announced the release of applications which function inside messenger app and let users to send clips, animations, and diverse types of things. This pool of applications is about to go denser because developers are burning their midnight oils to bring more such apps on messenger. This is the whole new level of social networking and sharing as per Mark Zuckerberg.

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