How to activate iPhone 5

How to activate iPhone 5 ?

Looks like you just bought home an iPhone 5 and you’re very excited to start using its amazing features and services.  If you haven’t got your iPhone 5 from any particular carrier store, then you will need to activate your iPhone 5 wirelessly at home which is easily doable by following our step by step tutorial.  Please follow this tutorial carefully without skipping any step because every small step is countable and its negligence can lead to errors.
  1. For using Verizon Wireless network on your iPhone 5, follow these steps:
  • Before getting started make sure you have latest version of iTunes installed on your PC. If you doubt that, go to “Help” option in iTunes and click on “Check for update”. If an update is available, then download and install it.
  • On your iTunes, keep all the data of your current iPhone backed up either on iCloud or on your PC. After backing up the data, turn off your older iPhone. Turn off is an essential step because it will stop two Smartphone’s from running same number.
  • Now connect your iPhone 5 with your PC either via USB cable or Wi-Fi, turn on your iPhone 5 and Setup Assistant will take you through the introductory steps to complete the setup. These steps include accepting terms of service, creating apple ID or signing in to an old one, manipulating location services, iCloud setup, activating Verizon network etc.
  1. For using AT&T Wireless network on your iPhone 5, follow these steps:
  • Keep the data of your older iPhone backed up to your PC or iCloud via iTunes.
  • Go to where you will be provided with the steps to activate AT&T network on your iPhone 5.
  • On the provided website, you can setup your network by selecting the phone number, account type, etc. Follow the onscreen steps to complete the service set up.
  • After completely activating the network, turn off your iPhone 5 momentarily for 5 minutes and turn it on again ad you will be accessing AT&T services.
  • Prerequisites:
  • The activation of wireless network can take a moment to get activated. So, wait patiently instead of taking any unnecessary step.
  • During network setup, ensure that the battery of your iPhone 5 is adequately charged; instead keep it plugged in to a charging source.
  • Reportedly, few people have encountered problems in activating iPhone 5 with AT&T network, in that case, you can contact toll free help line of AT&T 1-800-331-0500.

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