How to copy and paste on iPhone

How to copy and paste on iPhone:

One cannot imagine how hard it becomes to operate a Smartphone without this basic yet essential copy and paste feature. This feature isn’t only confined to Smartphone’s but its history dates back to PC’s and laptops. Before IOS 3.0 release, it wasn’t possible to copy and paste text on an iPhone but now iPhone offers this copy and paste feature on the go. Apple has made the copy and paste feature much easier to perform because of its everyday usability. Copy and paste feature lets you easily switch text between docs and presentations, copy web addresses and much more stuff is easily doable with this feature on deck.
Not only texts, now iPhone’s can also copy and paste images too. Although it is not possible to paste images on every app you want but the apps like messages provide access to paste images directly without any hassle. This feature is essential to make pick and drop of desired images easier on your Smartphone. You can easily pick an image from web and drop it in your Smartphone without any annoyance.

 Steps for copying and pasting text:

  • For copying a particular text, place your finger on the text until the magnifying glass appears.
  • Now release your finger and the word you were holding under the finger will get selected. Use the selection controls to select appropriate text portion you wanted to copy.
  • Out of the few options present on the copy and paste control popup menu namely copy, define. Tap on the copy button and your desired text will get copied. And the popup menu will disappear.
  • For pasting your copied text, place your finger on the space where you want your text to be pasted. A set of buttons will appear which will be featuring select, select all and paste options. As you want to paste the text, click on paste option and your text will get pasted.

Steps for copying and pasting images:

  • If any picture on a website or document catches your eye and you want to copy it, you can easily do it by placing your finger on the picture until copy button appears. Tap the copy image option and the selected image will get copied.
  • Not every app allows you to paste images but apps like messages will allow you to do so. Tap and hold your finger in the message field until the paste button appears. Now click on the paste button and that image will get pasted.

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