How to Create Scrapbook from Facebook

How to Create Scrapbook from Facebook?

As Facebook keeps looking towards introduction of things which make Facebook more fun to use rather than just a formality of everyday life. From the redesigning and improvement of Facebook messenger and buying of Whatsapp messenger, they are doing what’s best for business and people.  Facebook has introduced a lot of new things in its system and Scrapbook is the latest tool from Facebook which was recently introduced by them.
Scrapbook is tool which lets a person keep all the related memorable photos in an assemblage.  You can keep a scrapbook of your baby’s photos in Facebook and navigate them anytime you want without hovering all over the account. Scrapbook can be created on few clicks i.e. Profile > About > Family and relationships > Create a Scrapbook. The parents can create the Scrapbook of their children and the right to change privacy settings and addition of more content will be available to the creator, the other partner and children linked via Facebook relationship status.
The Scrapbook makes it possible for two partners to share the photos of their children at a single place and when either one changes any setting, the other one will get notified. Thus Scrapbook can act as a very beneficial tool for keeping the most memorable photos of your life safely and securely assembled on a single place on Facebook where it can be easily shared with people of your concern.

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