How to make your Apple Watch last longer with these useful tips

How to make your Apple Watch last longer with these useful tips
Here’s some good news for you! Although Apple has done everything for preserving best possible battery endurance which includes equipping your favorite Apple watch with low energy display, low energy consuming OS or low energy Bluetooth but still these are some steps which a user can take to maximize the battery life of Apple watch. Take a look at them thoroughly.
  1. Use of Black Background: As a matter of fact, Apple watch houses an OLED display in which the power consumption is directly proportional to color and contrast of the display.  So, if you will keep the display of your Apple watch maximized with black background, the least battery drain will take place during usage. However if wont prefer using black background, still it’s not advisable to go for animations which suck battery like leaches.
  1. Push notification Management: Keep the push notification services of all the unnecessary apps turned off because every time they pop up, most of the services in Apple watch like Wi-Fi, etc gets to work and causes unnecessary battery drainage. So, it’s advised to keep the push notifications of only essential apps turned on.
  1. Shut down non needy stuff: You can simply turn off the application wholly which you don’t need to use on your Apple watch. There might be some idle apps continuously transmitting data between your iPhone and Apple watch which you don’t need, so it’s better to get rid of it instead of keeping it there.
  1. Use low graphics: It simply means that you reduce every kind of animator thing going on in your Apple watch whether it’s animated wallpaper always in motion or some iconic animations, you just got to bring them low if not turn off. You can change the settings in accessibility section by reducing motion and turning on Reduce transparency feature. 
  1. Rebooting your Apple watch: Although it doesn’t seem too much appealing tip but sometimes it works. If you notice any unnecessary or frequent battery drainage in your Apple watch it might be due to the misguided activity of any installed services which can simply be terminated by rebooting Apple watch. 
  1. Worst case Scenario: In a situation where you are far away from your Apple watch charger and just want to conserve the battery of your Apple watch, you can switch to Power Reserve Mode into which your Apple watch will only show the time and the rest of features will remain dormant as long as the watch is in power reserve mode.
  1. Other tricks: These two things you are about to know are more like features less like tricks. To maximize battery backup you can switch your Apple watch to Do Not Disturb Mode which will make your Apple watch to beep on the arrival of notification but the screen will not light up. Similarly you can enable Airplane mode in your Apple watch which will cut off the signal receiving services of your Apple watch when you don’t need to receive notifications. 

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