how to get back your lost Android Smartphone

Losing an Android Phone is no more a worry:
Now you don’t need to worry about your lost Android Smartphone. Your path to your lost Android Smartphone is just a few clicks away now. Whether you have lost it farther than you or somewhere around you but out of your sight, Google is here for you. This new feature from Google allows you to remotely ring your Smartphone and grab it if it’s somewhere around. Out of all this only few things you can’t do is to lock or wipe out the data of your lost Smartphone if you are pretty sure that it has been stolen. However hope doesn’t end here, Android Device Manager is at your service to gain access to lost Smartphone and perform necessary operations.
 Here’s how to get back your lost Android Smartphone:
 For tracking your lost Android Smartphone, simply type “find my Phone” on your PC’s web browser. You will get the complete mapping of where your Smartphone is automatically. All you have to do is keep the latest version of Google app installed on your Smartphone; this feature will definitely work in the latest version of Google App however there is no guarantee for the older version. Besides this new feature, it’s always recommended to keep your Google apps updated on your android Smartphone’s always because you never know how they may come to play at rescue of your Smartphone.

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