How to download Google search history

Here is how to download Google search history?
Recently Google released this latest feature which allows users to save their search history. This feature might not seem to be a big deal for nerds but it could be highly valuable whose every search is valuable and counts. So, here’s how you can get this feature started.
  1. The first and the foremost thing you need to do before getting started is log in into your Google account on any web browser you feel comfortable with.
  2. After than visit the “Web and App activity” and then tap on the “cog” option and the click on “Download”.
  3. Once you are successfully done with it, you will get a warning which contains some important precautions you should definitely take a look at.
  4. After reading it, click on “Create archive” button and thus you can download the archive of your search history as a zip file.
However there are few important things you need to know about this process. The Google search history of yours will be assessable for archiving only after you have successfully turned on this feature. As per the recent announcement by Google, Google has altered the algorithm of their search engine for mobile phones to accumulate search results of mobile friendly websites only when using a mobile phone.     

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