How you can install apps on your Apple watch

Here’s how you can install apps on your Apple watch
It’s obvious that users who have recently bought an Apple watch would like to install their favorite apps on their Apple watch but doing this for the first time might feel messy. So, here comes our tutorial which will show you the simple way to install apps on your Apple watch.  The apps for Apple watch aren’t basically apps but just the extensions present in your iPhone applications. They are more like real time widgets which are programmed to keep track on your Apple watch and that’s why apps for Apple watch aren’t available as native applications on App store but you can download them from Apple watch app which is available for iPhone.
Let’s download and install new apps for your Apple watch now:
  1. Tap on the “Apple watch App” icon present in your iPhone.
  2. Either visit the featured list of apps in Apple watch app or enter the name of the app you needed in search bar. 
  3. For installation, in the “Apple watch app”, go to “My watch” section.
  4. From there click on the app you would like to install.
  5. Now turn on the “Show App on Apple watch” feature.
  1. Now you will see the message prompted as “installing” which means the extension for that app is being installed on your Apple watch. 

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