How to rid of annoying Ads by using mobile web browser from Adblock Plus

Now rid of annoying Ads by using mobile web browser from Adblock Plus
Finally here comes something productive in the browsing world which can stop ads for certain. “Adblock Plus for Android” is the first web browser from Adblock which has the capability to automatically block ads. Blocking of these unwanted ads would definitely allow users to browse more effectively besides saving fair share of battery and data charges. Ad blocking will also increase the speed of your web browsing and save you from malicious threats.
Adblock Plus stated that they had to release their web browser Adblock Plus for Android because their already available software used in Android Smartphone’s was facing bunch of problems regarding the privacy. However this latest browser from Adblock is currently in beta stage and you can also test it by joining Google + community of Adblock.  
For white listing their ads, Tech giant Google was reportedly claimed of offering money to Adblock Plus. Google wanted make their ads visible to the people with installed extensions. In order to make their ads visible, Google has been paying the developers of anti ad block plus extensions which allow ads to pass the hurdle of Adblock Plus. Adblock plus is evidently posing challenge to Google’s ads and Google looks totally annoyed with this Adblock Plus extension blocking their Ads. 

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