Smartphone comparison - Sony Xperia Z4 vs Sony Xperia Z3

Smartphone comparison - Sony Xperia Z4 vs Sony Xperia Z3
As per the Sony’s six year strategic cycle of Smartphone improvement, almost six months back Sony released their flagship Smartphone Sony Xperia Z3 and now a bit lately due to some Sony’s internal affairs, we got our hands on Sony Xperia z4 although it’s only available to Japan yet. It’s a big question that whether we should upgrade from Xperia Z3 to Xperia Z4, for that let me tell you that as far as figures speak, Sony Xperia Z4 hasn’t been improvised that much so that we could call it a giant leap. 
The up gradations indeed have taken place in Sony Xperia Z4 but not what was expected from Sony in their flagship Smartphone. You should probably wait for this Smartphone to land in rest of the world and after that decide whether to go for it or not. Let’s go through what up gradations Sony has to offer in their all new Sony Xperia Z4.
  1. Designing: Sony hasn’t introduced any big design revamping in Sony Xperia Z4 and has maintained their Omni Balance design in this Smartphone also which makes it look pretty similar with the predecessor Xperia Z3 and this similarity gets more firm with the presence of same Aluminum metal rim encasing the front and back glass panels comprising of Sony Xperia Z4 build similar to Xperia Z3.
The main framework although is kept same but there are some minor changes in the design which came to notice. The front facing speakers in Sony Xperia Z4 have been moved to extreme edges at top as well as bottom, the camera has been provided with a larger lens than what was seen in Sony Xperia Z3, The overall revamping has made Sony Xperia Z4 to lose a bit thickness and is just 6.9mm thick as compared to 7.3mm in case of Sony Xperia Z3. The size of these two siblings is still the same but Sony Xperia Z4 weighs 144g only while as Sony Xperia Z3 had 152g in its account.
  1. Processing:
In terms of processing, Sony Xperia Z4 has been provided with octa core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 2 GHz, built on 64 bit architecture and accompanied by Adreno 430 GPU and 3GB LPDDR4 RAM. In comparison to Sony Xperia Z3 housing 32 bit based Quad core Snapdragon 801 processor ticking at 2.3GHz accompanied by Adreno 330 GPU and 3GB RAM. This will definitely enable Sony Xperia Z4 to provide more efficient, power saving performance with upgraded CPU and better gaming performance as compared to Sony Xperia Z3 because of all new GPU.
  1. Additional ups:
  2. Storage:
Besides these major up gradations, a bunch of big and small improvisations were also noticed between the predecessor and successor. The biggest one being the availability of 32GB onboard internal storage which is only 16GB in case of Sony Xperia Z3 while as expandability option is similarly open to both.
II) Front snapper:
Although primary camera is similarly configured, the front snapper in case of Sony Xperia Z4 received a must needed upgrade and comprises of 5.1MP camera with Sony Exmore R sensor which wipes out 2.2MP front snapper present in Sony Xperia Z3.
III) Bluetooth:
Sony Xperia Z4 is seen with Bluetooth v4.1 while as Sony Xperia Z3 had Bluetooth v4.0 technology which won’t make much difference but every minor upgrade counts as something special is definitely introduced in the new upgrade whether it is increase in speed or low power consuming nature.
IV) Battery:
Sony Xperia Z4 comes with 2930mAh battery which is 3100mAh in case of Sony Xperia Z3, the only noticeable fact that explains this battery minimization is either due to introduction of more power efficient processor which gives good backup at this battery also or a rare but not impossible fact could be to maintain a bit slim nature in this Smartphone as compared to Sony Xperia Z3.
What’s same? Sony Xperia Z4 vs. Sony Xperia Z3
Briefly speaking, Sony Xperia Z4 and Sony Xperia Z3 share’s same dimensions and designing concept, display with similar size and resolution, same amount of RAM, primary camera’s are also homozygote’s, etc.  This is due to the fact that Sony has got a short 6 month upgrade cycle which doesn’t give enough time to refurbish every single thing but just upgrade what is downgraded as compared to market. May be these things which got left untouched will be counted for the next Xperia upgrade.

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