Pony Express by Google

Pony Express by Google: A new recipe for paying bills

Pony Express is the latest rumored tool under Google's testing phase which could be the future of paying bills. Reportedly Google is working on a project which goes by the code name of "Pony Express" under which a user can pay its bills via inbox of the Gmail app. Users might have to enter all the personal information and relevant banking credentials like debit / credit card info after which verification by third party service providers will need to be completed. Once verified, a user will be receiving bills for all the linked third party services through a folder or somewhat like that in Gmail's official inbox services via so called Pony Express. A verified user will have access to pay bills online via Gmail in a hustle free manner.
So far, Pony Express hasn't been unveiled as it's being cooked by the developers and is reportedly arriving in Q4 of 2015. There's a lot of time till then for sure because Google has to talk business with third party service providers and Google might have to think about creating some radical thing by hybridization of Google wallet or Android pay reportedly releasing in Google I/O 2015, however Google hasn't officially disclosed a word about what's coming. But it's pretty obvious that things are about to get hotter in Q4 2015.

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