Presidents Day

Presidents Day

President’s day is most commonly known as Washington's Birthday and is officially celebrated as United States federal holiday falling on the third Monday of February. The main motive behind the celebration of Presidents day is to honour George Washington who is the first president of United States. Ironically the birthday of many other presidents like Abraham Lincoln also falls in the Month of February but it’s a crystal clear fact that Presidents Day isn’t celebrated for only few of the prominent presidents of United States; it’s celebrated as a single holiday for all the presidents of United States.

Not only federal holiday, Presidents Day is also a state and is celebrated in multiple states by different names and motives. As per a particular law, the state rests the privilege to celebrate George Washington’s Birthday only or birthdays of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. However some states also celebrate this day as the birthday of Thomas Jefferson excluding Washington and Lincoln. Although third Monday of February is the federal holiday but often some states do not celebrate the honouring of presidents on same day. However the date coincides in Massachusetts but annually on 29thMay, the celebration of John F. Kennedy’s birthday is also observed and on the same day the Massachusetts state honours other presidents of their native origin namely  John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge, etc.

 In other States of United States namely California, Connecticut, Missouri, and Illinois, besides the celebration of Washington’s Birthday as the federal holiday, the states also observes Abraham Lincoln's birthday on 12th February irrespective of the day.  Likewise the case is different if we talk about New Mexico and Georgia, former observes Presidents day as a state Government legalized holiday on the Friday following thanks giving while as latter observes it also as a State issued holiday on Christmas Eve.

No matter states nowadays celebrate birthdays of presidents on different days, President Day has still got its own charm and glory when it comes to celebratory aspects, different car dealers throw off great deals and same is done by other retailers. Before 1980, business used to shut off on the presidents Day like it does for Christmas or Memorial Day but now trend sequentially changed and business stays open on Presidents Day. The same practice is observed when the birthdays of Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed, Veterans Day is celebrated and many other Days fall in the same trend now. 

Like business staying open on presidents Day, schools, colleges as well as newspaper printers have started keeping the services open on this day also. Conversely, many schools and business formerly open on this day began closing after the observance of Dr. King's birthday holiday became prevalent. This was done in order not to diminish Washington's Birthday in comparison to King's. However, when reviewing the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill debate of 1968 in the Congressional Record, one notes The Federal Government celebrates Presidents Day as a tribute to George Washington being the “father of the country” who took the leadership of U.S in his own hands for the first time and succeeded in developing a glorious nation. 

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