Sony Xperia P2 arriving soon with incredible features

Sony Xperia P2 arriving soon with incredible features
Three years back Sony started their P series of Smartphone’s with the release of Sony Xperia P and now Sony is adding one more installment to this series which goes by the label of Sony Xperia P2 Smartphone. It isn’t officially out yet but as per rumors of Chinese origin, this Smartphone is being cooked up in Sony Labs and is more or less looking as an upgrade of Xperia Z3 in terms of specifications. But it’s designing tells a whole new story about to be unleashed.  
However Sony Xperia P2 is said to have looks of its predecessor Sony Xperia P and looks very richly crafted as far as design is concerned. This Smartphone is rumored to possess a transparent band at the bottom comprising of navigation switches. It felt quite astonishing to know that Sony Xperia P2 has thickness of about 8.9-10.9mm which is clearly opposite of today’s trend.  Currently users want the slimmest ever Smartphone’s but without considering that fact, Sony has designed this Smartphone in different sense. This Smartphone from Sony can be said to reflect the power of highly configured Smartphone over the slimness.
In terms of hardware, Sony Xperia P2 will be flaunting a 5.2inches Triluminos display   with full HD resolution (1920*1080 pixels).  This Smartphone will be sporting a 12MP primary camera featuring Sony’s native Exmor RS sensor and will be coupled with a 5.1MP front snapper on the deck. Sony Xperia P2 will be operating on Snapdragon 810 processor ticking at 1.9Ghz and coupled with 3GB RAM. It will be featuring a 4240mAh battery which will obviously provide much more extra backup as compared to majority of high end Smartphone’s. It’s a good thing introduced by Sony because Android Smartphone’s no matter how high end always feel hungry of charging and this introduction of big mammoth battery is surely going to lessen the burden.  The display of this Smartphone isn’t going to be too big that can result in unwanted battery drainage.
Looking at the designing and specs sheet of this Smartphone, it is easily deductible that Sony Xperia P2 has got that spark to provide the best high end feel and looks. Its configuration is totally awesome; the best thing about Xperia P2 is its flawless processing configuration and the best battery coupling. Expect a bit lack of armor in primary camera; this Smartphone can easily be compared to current big leads in the business.  At the right pricing, this Smartphone from Sony can easily climb up on achieving huge profit target along with user satisfaction.

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