Whatsapp voice calling feature unleashed for all Android devices

Whatsapp voice calling feature unleashed for all Android devices:
So far whatsapp voice calling feature was available to the users only via invite system where a friend without whatsapp needed to receive call from Whatsapp enabled friend to get this calling feature unlocked and honestly it was quite a mess. Thanks to Whatsapp, the latest version of Whatsapp released in Play Store is by default activated with this voice calling feature of Whatsapp. This calling feature of whatsapp instead of cellular plans, works on your Smartphone’s internet and only the data charges are applicable as per your plan. So, it’s pretty sure that the quality of Whatsapp calls will depend upon the strength of users network from both ends.
Whatsapp calling feature can be used to make free calls to your friends or family only with working internet connection, no matter in which country they live. The whatsapp voice calls won’t let it to be interrupted by network calls so you can receive network calls only after you disconnect whatsapp call. For iPhone users, it’s been reported by CEO Brian Acton that within few weeks of time, iOS will be receiving whatsapp voice calling feature for sure. So, iPhone users don’t need to worry about it, it’s not Android invasion but just the technical delay.
NOTETo activate your Whatsapp Voice calling Feature just go to Play Store and Update/Download the Whatsapp Latest Version.

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