1. CPP-Introduction

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What is C++?

C++ is an object oriented based programming language as well as procedural oriented based programming language also. C++ was developed by BjarneStroustrap at AT& T Bell in early 1980`s. C++ is an extension of ‘C’ with major addition of classes. C++ supports all the object oriented concept like classes, inheritance, encapsulation etc.

Application of C++:
  • Used in development of editor like notepad, WordPad or many compilers.
  • Used in making libraries.
  • Easily maintainable so used in developing the databases.
A simple C++ program structure by using Traditional/Procedural programming approach:
#include       // header file
void main( )
cout<<”Delhi is Capital of INDIA”;
}                                        // End of Program
Traditional or conventional programming approach generally known as procedure oriented programming [POP]. ‘C’ is commonly known as Procedure Oriented Programming. Other language which is based on POP are COBOL, FOTRON.
What is Procedural-Oriented Approach?
                In POP, problems can be viewed as a sequence of steps i.e. one after the another. Sequences of steps are made or written to perform a work or accomplish tasks.The sequence of steps written is a block which is known as ‘Function’. All the work is done with the help of Function in POP.
Structure of Procedural Oriented Program:

Drawback of POP:
  • In above structure, it is already seen that all the Global data is accessed by functions of the program. So no security of data, keeping the data security at Stack.
  • Another serious drawback is, POP approach does not work on real worlds situation problems. Because functions are Action-Oriented.
Object Oriented Programming Paradigm:
Object Oriented Programming is known as OOPS which is invented to remove the drawbacks of POP.

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