How to Create Blog in

Step 1: Login to with your already account, if not Learn Creating an Account of Skip 3 Steps if you have already configured account Before

Step 2: Select your preferred language for blogging and then click on "continue to blogger".

Step 3: Type in the display name you want for your account and then click on "Continue to Blogger".

Step 4: Click on "New Blog" Tab.

Step 5: Type in the Title you Desire, then type unique address (keep on trying different names until you get one unique) that is available and finally click on "Create Blog".

Step 6: You have now created a new blog. Now click on "Start Blogging" to create a new post.

Congrats you have learned How to Create Blog in Enjoy Blogging! You can also set up your own domain on blogger to host your own domain for free for life!