How to Set up Your Domain on Blogger or

Step 1: After Creating a Blog with click the blog you want to set your domain on.

Step 2: You would see a screen Below. Now click on the "Setting" Tab in the Left Bottom.

Step 3: Click On "Set up a Third Party URL for your blog".

Step 4: Fill out the Domain You Have Already Registered From Domain Name Provider such as eg: or and click on "Save".

Step 5: You would see the screen with the CNAME details as shown. Now enter these details in your Domain provider like DNS Zone file. Save changes your details there.

Step 6: Now finally click on the "Save" button as shown and the process completes.

Step 7: Click on "View Blog" on the top to Check the Domain is Live.

Step 8: A Final step to redirect your domain eg: to Goto Step 2 and click on "Settings" tab again and click on "Edit" next to your domain name.

Step 9: Tick on the Option "Redirect to" & click on "Save" again.

Congrats on learning How to Set up Your Domain on Blogger which is now hosted on google servers for free for life!