How to Mount COB Led Light

How to Mount COB Led Light ?

What is a COB LED?

COB stands for Chip On Board and LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Its a LED light for fixture in fall ceilings mostly. Like you could fix them In fall ceilings of POP or Wooden fall Ceilings, etc in offices, banquets or homes.

Steps to Mount COB LED light:

Step 1:  Switch of the Power supply in all ways. Now, First take the fixture and LED Driver of the COB light. Cut out the dimensions of the COB light in the Ceiling. Try to get the perfect dimensions cut, so that the COB gets a good fitting in Ceiling.

Step 2: Connect the LED driver with the electric wire from the mains as shown. The mains could be in the ceiling where you need to place the COB light.

Step 3: There are two clamps at either side of the fixture. Push the Clamps in Backward Position and place the fixture inside the ceiling cutout while holding them. Now release the clamps.

Step 4: While mounting the Fixture you need to check the spacing between the fixture and the upper ceiling wall. As tested, there must be a minimum of 30 mm (3 cm) of space between them.

Note: The fixture must not be covered with thermal insulation materials or similar matters in any way. There is a Heat sink in the product which needs a gap for the heat to sink.

Now you can Switch on the Power supply to check the product workings.
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