Flipkart is Charging Wrong Weight Shipping Fees from sellers and ruining them up!

Beware to SELL on Flipkart Marketplace!

I am a power seller on flipkart with selling around 500 orders Daily.

I was selling products on flipkart for around 6 months. It came to my notice when there was very less amount coming to my Bank account for the products sold.

When I noticed the settlements and transactions done on my various orders that were delivered, I found a big Mistake in shipping fee charged for around 80% of the orders.

The Product with a weight under 500gms was charged in 1 kg or 1.5 kg as they wanted.

The product with a weight of 1-1.5 kg was charged in 3.5-4 kg or sometimes 6 kgs as they wanted.

What would i Earn then?

I am really fed up to sell products on this site as instead of any profit I am going in a Loss for around 3-4 months when they started their ZERO Commission sale from February.

I would strongly request you to check your TRANSACTIONS, after selling some of your products on FLIPKART and thereafter proceed to sell them again when you are satisfied with the weights they charged from you.

Also keep on Checking as the product gets delivered.

I have had sent them many SPF claims and Tickets Regarding these, but they reply saying that they had reversed the fees, but when I again looked into the transactions and rechecked them, I found only 30 out of 4000 were solved. 

Really don't want to sell on Flipkart again.

Lets raise a Voice Against Flipkart and Claim them for the Wrong charges by raising tickets and SPF claims or some Legal actions.

Please share IT.

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