Old is Gold, so stick to 70’s clothing

romantic era of the ‘70s fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colors, floral
prints, eclectic looks and a tendency to mix and match different styles with
each other. Since, the 70’s revival is here, every day is pretty much a
throwback to decade’s old silhouettes, detailing and fabrics. Clothes for women
are always cyclic in nature, with trends repeating now and then. Trends of 70’s
are an inspiration for the upcoming designers. Trend charts indicates the
return of many styles that were a hot craze during 70’s. 70’s was full of
creativity and uniqueness, which inspired our present day designers. The 70’s
style is much appreciated for its style, individuality, fresh colour combos,
mix and match, class and grace.

Fashion trends of
the 70s are having déjá-vu moments, while the earlier trends of the 80s fade
out eventually. Let’s have a look at stunning clothes for women that are back
in trend.

Flare skirts and Gypsy look

hippy and free style look of 70’s are back in town. Clothes with a flare in
bottom, angel sleeved blouses, maxi dresses, halter necks, cat suits, empire
dresses with designer sleeves and loose cut garments are stealing the girl’s
attention. Angel flight suits with shining shirts in satin fabrics with huge
collars and flared pants are in vogue. Gypsy tops with a string at the top
gives an adorable look when worn with matching skirts in bright shades.
Wraparound skirts along with the floral tops make you a style statement.


A crop top and a high waist pencil skirt with the same print was a hot favorite
in 70’s. It is back in town and we simply love it. The best thing about this
outfit is you can flaunt your midriff and hide your belly fat. It also makes
you figure look sleak and slim.


Rompers and Jumpsuits are seen at every brand today with a fashionable update.
It makes a perfect outfit for the day as well as night. They are found in
vibrant hues and numerous prints like florals, polkas, animal prints, strips
etc. You can also accessorize it with stunning accessories like wide and thin
belts, statement neckpieces, bracelets or you can carry a sexy sling. The best
part about these Rompers is you can either wear it with flats or plums. It will
complement both kinds of footwear. It is extremely comfortable and stylish as

High Waists are so in

High Waist is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are in no mood
to flaunt your belly fat or you thinking of something retro. Whether that’s a
mini, midi, maxi, plazzo, shorts, pants or a pair of jeans. High Waist is the
first preference if you want to create a seventy look or look more fashionable.
One of the best things about high waists is that it make you look tall and
slim, so it’s the best for the petit ones. It can worn with any off shoulder
top, crop top, angel sleeved tops, normal spegetty or even peplums. If you are
wearing a long top, its better to tuck in and enhance the waist design of the

Bell Bottoms and Wide legged pants

Bell bottoms, wide legged pants and flared pants can be matched with form
fitting tops, peplum or flowing sheer blouses. Above all that, flared pants
look highly elegant and feminine. Today boot cut hems and flare leg pants
retain popularity in denim wear. Bell bottoms looks stunning on tall girls and
if you are short try wearing stilettos along with it. Nowadays, even the work
on bell bottoms are also in.

Simplicity in design and shapes

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Perfectly tailored simple suits,
dresses and tops are the characteristic of the 1970s fashion. Such minimalist
shapes and silhouettes surprisingly manage to show off a high dose of elegance
and femininity. Quite a lot of pieces are made of the most popular synthetic

Slip dresses

Slip are in trend right now. If you are planning to go out for clubbing, slip
dress is the perfect attire to carry with class and grace. A slinky, silky slip dress is all you need to feel
sexy. It’s as simple as that. You can get as many colours as you want. This
feminine dress was a hot craze in 70’s and it is back with the bang for the
pretty ladies. Pair it up with the matching accessories and sexy foot wears.
Invest in a classic slip dress now.

Seventies Suede

Suede is every girl’s love because of its soft texture. Suede played an
important role in 70s and it is back with suede dresses. It is not only used
for accessories like bags and shoes, but is also used for making dresses,
skirts, jackets, coats and designer tops. We also see details like patchwork or
sizzling designs on the outfits. Adorn suede like a pro and steal the attention
of the onlookers.

Vibrant prints and patterns

Colors never go out of fashion. They always spice up your wardrobe with vibrant
hues and bright patterns. Prints like brushstroke prints, geometric motifs,
ethnic patterns, animal prints, polka dots, chevron strips, religious prints,
checkered prints, audacious abstract and floral designs can make any outfit
look stylish and fashionable.
Each of
the distinctive styles of the seventies stands out with its unique color and
print palette. Add them now in your wardrobe and look stunning as ever.

Wrap up Dresses

Wrap around and Wrap up dresses are
comfortable, feminine and stylish. They makes you look slim and fashionable.
This dress is popular because it 
flattered all body types and was functional in
work and relaxed settings. These kind of dresses are seen in various prints
like florals, checkers, animal etc. When you wrap these dresses around your
body they make you look extensively slim. You can also acquire such dress with
the bow at the bottom.
day wrap dresses both set and follow the latest fashion trends, in addition to
proving versatility in wear.




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