Health and Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

Health and Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds:

An Indian household cannot think of cooking food without fenugreek seeds(also known as methi seeds) and leaves. These seeds are used in numerous Indian dishes like dal, paratha, curry, saag, sprouts, pickles, sambar and many more to add taste and fragrance. But recent research indicates that they can do much more than that. Fenugreek seeds are rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, sodium, energy, carbohydrates, fat, copper, Niacin, Thiamine, fiber, iron, protein, vitaminC, vitaminB, potassium, alkaloids, steroidal saponins and disogenin. They are the rich tank of medicinal properties that convey countless health benefits like controlling diabetes, inducing labor, reduce cholesterol level, improving your hair, skin and many other things.
Here are few benefits of fenugreek seeds and why you should include fenugreek seeds in your diet more often. Read on to know.
Reduce the risk of heart diseases.
Fenugreek seeds contain galactomannan and high amount of potassium, which plays the major role in maintaining your heart rate and blood pressure. These seeds can protect the heart from any serious damage to the heart and counteract the oxidative stress that occurs during a heart attack. You can also reduce the risk of heart attack by eating healthy and exercising daily.
Aids Digestion
Due to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, most of us face digestion problems. Fenugreek seeds are rich in fiber and antioxidants, which are an effective treatment for gastritis, indigestion, constipation, ulcer, relieve stomach pain, soothe your stomach and intestines. These seeds act as a natural digestive tonic which helps in removing dangerous toxins from the body.
Helps in Weight Loss
Losing weight is the people nowadays and it should be, since it prevents you from many diseases. If you are seeking to lose weight, fenugreek seeds are must for your diet. These seeds are rich in soluble fibers, which prevent the accretion of fat and develop the metabolism system of your body. All you have to do is chew the soaked methi seeds with empty stomach early in the morning which will make your stomach full, hold back your appetite aiding to lose weight.
Helps reduce menstrual discomfort
Fenugreek seeds are rich in compounds like disogenin, isoflavones with oestrogen, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which is why they help in reducing menstrual cramps and discomfort caused by PMS. These seeds are the ultimate source of Iron, which enhance the iron absorption during pregnancy, PMS and breastfeeding in women. They also ease the menopausal symptoms including anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, hot flashes, mood variations, fatigue, headache and nausea etc. Methi seeds give variety of health benefits to the women of all ages.
Helps in reducing Diabetes
Diabetics are often recommended to include fenugreek seeds in their diet because of the positive effects they can have on their health. Fenugreek seeds are rich in natural soluble fiber known as galactomannan and amino acid, which has the property to slow down the sugar absorption rate in the blood and enhance the insulin production in the body respectively. Methi seed lowers the high triglycerides level means blood fats in the person with type 2 diabetes.
Eliminate Anti-Aging signs
Just throw away all your beauty and anti aging cream and switch to Fenugreek seeds. They can surprise you with their tremendous benefits for your skin, including eliminating the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. All you have to do is soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight and blend them with yogurt till a smooth paste is formed. Apply it on your face, keep it for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. It works because germinated fenugreek seeds prove considerable amount antioxidant activity and the free radicals that increase the process of aging. It also makes your skin smooth, soft and glowing.
Cure Acne
Acne is a major problem amongst teenagers, but it’s time to fenugreek seeds in their beauty and kit and get rid of them as soon as possible. Soak 4 tablespoons fenugreek seeds overnight in water and stir it with 4 cups of water for 15 minutes. Now, using a cotton wool, dab the water onto your face twice a day. Fenugreek seeds are ultimate source of compound called disogennin, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, that helps fenugreek fight against acne. These seeds also moisturize your skin and are in use for years as great homemade beauty products. It is used on the face as a face pack in order to get free from the pimples, blackheads, scar, wrinkles and etc. Its seed extracts is used in the beauty products such as soaps and cosmetics.
Prevent hair loss
Fenugreek seeds has a great effect on hair. They add shine and are very effective in strengthening the hair from the roots. Say goodbye to all those harmful shampoos and welcome fenugreek seeds in your toiletries. All you have to do is put 1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds and 1 cup coconut oil in a glass jar, seal the jar and store for three weeks. Once its done, strain the oil and use it for oil massages. Fenugreek seeds help in promoting hair growth and are a tremendous source of protein and nicotinic acid that improves the hair strength and prevents breakage.
Prevents Premature Graying
Are you fed up of your premature graying hair and can't use conditioners and dryer? Then you must add fenugreek seeds in your beauty regime. Fenugreek seeds have properties that help in retaining hair pigment, which delays graying..
Prevents from Colon Cancer
Fenugreek seeds are the rich source of the fibers, saponins and mucialage which helps in flushing out toxins and prevents the colon mucus membrane from cancers
Promotes Breast Enlargement
Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of oestrogen which balances the sex hormones among women and enhances the breast enlargement in them by adding it in the regular diet.
Protect Liver
Your liver plays a major role in body functioning, which cleanse your body of toxins. Any injury to the liver can seriously impact your health and one of the main causes for decreased liver function in excessive alcohol intake and lack of exercise. Fenugreek seeds are rich in compounds like polyphenolic compounds, which is very effective in controlling the impact of alcohol on your liver.


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