Total Skin Care: What Your Skin Needs

It is a fact that not everyone knows how to care for their skin. Knowing, as well as maintaining the basic needs of the skin are very important to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. Probably the best way to keep your skin healthy and young is to provide skin care regimen or system. With the system of skin care products that can sufficiently and effectively protect the function and structure of the skin, you are certain to have a more beautiful and radiant skin.
Basic and advanced skin care
It is said that the essential regimen for maintaining a healthy diet and beautiful skin is usually divided into two categories: basic and advanced skin care needs. The basic skin care needs cover the minimal and basic skin care system that people with different kinds of skin can practice. While, the advanced needs are methods of dealing with specific skin problems. These methods of skin care are often associated with other forms of treatment.
Basic skin care
Basic skin care needs are considered as the basis of a daily skin care regimen. This type of system for skin care involves four steps which include hydration, toning, cleansing and protecting.
1. Hydration
Having the skin well hydrated is very important because it prevents it from drying out. Hydration also provides the skin with essential lipids, thus maintaining moisture. Experts often recommend the practice of skin hydration during the night, ones every night.
2. Cleansing
This basic skin need keeps the skin free of contaminants, dirt as well as excess oil. When a person fails to clean the skin regularly, he or she is sure to experience inflamed and clogged pores and dull skin.
3. Toning
Toning is an important basic skin requirement as it prepares the skin for the benefits of skincare products that are applied to the face. For more effective results, toning skin care products are applied twice a day, after cleansing. In addition to calming and soothing the skin, toning also balances the pH of the skin and reduces the appearance of pores.
4. Protection
The skin also needs protection from harmful sun rays and other harmful environmental stress. Dose of moisturizer with SPF in the morning can protect your skin from the sun UV radiation that promotes discoloration and impairs the structural protein in the skin.
Advanced skin care
Advanced skin care addresses specific issues for skin care such as acne, discoloration, free radical damage, and other critical skin care conditions. Below are the advanced skin care regimens that we can follow as treatment to various types of skin complications:
1. Treat
This type of advanced skin care comes into play when the structures, components and functions of the skin are compromised, resulting in early occurrence of premature aging.
2. Nourish
Nourishing is an important form of advanced skin care because it maintains youthfulness and protects the health of the skin. The skin can be nourished with antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the skin and further damage.
3. Exfoliate
Exfoliate is very important because it replenishes the skin when it becomes rough and dull. This type of advanced practice for skin care helps polish and restore the skin's surface to maintain a glowing complexion.

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