Health benefits of ginger

Medically proven health benefits of ginger

There is diversity in spices like there is diversity in living forms. Some spices are greatly beneficial for health while as some are harmful in nature capable of causing stomach ulcers and other worse conditions. Among all the beneficial spices like cinnamon, cardamom, etc ginger also plays an essential part in maintain your physical well being. This miraculous spice Ginger is actually not a ginger plant as a whole instead what we take as a ginger is the underground root of flowering plant “Ginger” called its rhizome. Ginger plant belongs to family Zingiberaceae and is biologically similar to other useful spices like turmeric and cardamom.

Ginger is naturally gifted with a unique beneficial bio compound known as Gingerol and due to this compound ginger finds its use in aiding digestion, treating common cold, etc. Besides that Gingerol possesses essential antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. You can take ginger with your dish or beverage either in powdered form, dried form or even as an oil. If you are worried about the effect on taste on food after adding ginger, then you should know that ginger is extensively used in famous recipes and its taste as well as fragrance is amazing.

This valuable spice has a long history of being used as a medical agent. It has been used as a medicine against sea sickness successfully. It has also been found that ginger has anti nausea properties which means it can help to reduce nausea and vomiting in patient’s especially after surgery and in patients of cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy. It is also good in nausea reduction in case of pregnant ladies. However pregnant ladies should firstly take advise of concerned doctor before taking ginger because it might be able to mess up with your carriage.

Being anti inflammatory in nature, Ginger has been found to be able to reduce exercise induced muscle pain. Although the effect is not sudden but it can be used every day and you will definitely notice the difference in muscle pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common problem especially in women causing deterioration of joints.  But as per studies, mixture of ginger with cinnamon, mastic and sesame oil has been found to reduce the symptoms of this health issue. A tremendous decline was seen in pain and stiffness after taking it.

If you are facing bad stomach with pain and discomfort, it is probably due to low rate of digestion. In this case ginger has the capability to increase the digestion rate and empty your stomach faster, getting you rid of dyspepsia. Besides that studies have shown ginger to be capable of reducing pain in women suffering from dysmenorrhoea i.e. menstrual pain felt by women’s. That’s not the end, ginger can help your lower your cholesterol levels by lowering LDL cholesterol. Many types of cancer can be treated with ginger; the Gingerol present in ginger is able to fight against cancer. It’s antioxidant property makes it an essential ingredient which can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases by neutralisation of free radicals in your body.


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