Health benefits of eating bananas

Million dollar health benefits of eating bananas

Bananas like no other fruit have got the unique nutritive values which will definitely make you change your view about bananas. If you are thinking of bananas being a monkey food then you are totalling wrong about it. Here are some of the powerful health benefits that make bananas a special food.

Being naturally doped with high tryptophan concentration, bananas are capable of taking you out of depression.  After entering your body, tryptophan gets chemically changed into serotonin which is a happy mood inducing neurotransmitter. 

If you are an athlete, then you should definitely feed yourself with a pair of bananas before starting workout, it will boost your energy and hence performance alongside maintaining your blood sugar level.

Many people discharge calcium during urination and suffer from weak bones but eating bananas will help your retain calcium levels in your bones and will keep them stronger.

 Feeling stressed out? Don’t worry, eat a banana, it’s hormonal nature will make your mood melodious and relive your stress.

If you will build a habit of taking bananas before workout, you can save yourself from inevitable muscle cramps, leg cramps, etc.

Anaemic patients should be specially dosed with bananas which can help them to rejuvenate blood and fight against this disorder.

Eating bananas can safeguard you from falling prey of type II diabetes; help you in losing weight, increase nervous function, and aid in WBC production. All this miraculous benefits are possessed by bananas because of its richness in Vitamin B6.

Bananas contain high potassium levels and lack salt concentration which makes them good food to keep blood pressure in check. Due to this property, bananas can act as strong agent against heart strokes.

Pectin present in bananas improves digestion as well as detoxifies heavy metal toxins in the body.
Bananas are probiotic in nature and nourish the health friendly bacteria present in bowel. They also assist in enzyme production which helps the stomach to absorb different nutrients.

Due to their amazing pH level, bananas act as an antacid providing your protection against majority of stomach problems like heartburn, GERD, etc.

Regularly eating bananas can protect your kidney from cancers, protect your eyes from having macular deterioration, and provides strength to bones.

Due to high potassium levels, bananas can make your brain work faster and thus taking a banana before work can boost your performance for a day.

If you get accidentally bit by a bug or bee, you can find banana peel useful in getting rid of irritation and itch.

If you are a smoker and want to quit this bad habit, you can take your first step and  eat bananas regularly which will help you in relieving withdrawal effects.

You can keep your body fit and fine by eating bananas containing high anti oxidants which kill the damage causing free radicals inside your body. 

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