Health Benefits of Sleeping

Health Benefits of Sleeping

Sleep impacts every area of our daily life by maintaining all the physiological activities in a proper way. Most people do not realize the importance of a getting proper sleep. Sleeping is as important as eating, sleeping, drinking, breathing, etc. Sleeping helps build physical health, emotional well-being and longer life. People deprived from sleep may also be affected with serious medical conditions. Babies need 14-17 hours of sleep, infants need 12-15 hours, toddlers need 11-14 hours, pre-scholars’ need 10-13 hours, school age need 9-11 hours, teens need 8-10 hours, young adults need 7-9 hours, adults need 7-9 hours, older adults 7-8 hours, of sleep daily.
Sufficient amount of sleep has a number of benefits which has intense effect on our daily life. Sleeping is a necessary physiological activity which should be performed by us.  Some of the common benefits are described in brief in the following:
·         Sleep helps in the reduction of stress as well as inflammation too. Inflammations are generally linked to heart diseases and strokes. It helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check though this benefit may vary from person to person.

·          Good sleep helps lower blood pressure and stress hormones. High blood pressure can be dangerous. Except medication this can be quite regulated only by proper sleep.

·          Lack of sleep gives a foggy feeling that makes concentration difficult, leading to a number of problems such as lack of memory, loss of memory. Sleeping well makes the brain more functional and efficient.

·         Good sleep has an intense positive effect in the control of the hormones which effect and regulate appetite. If one does not eat properly then his appetite might increase, resulting in overeating.

·          Lack of sleep may lead to type 2 diabetes and effect how the body processes glucose. People who sleep less than 5 hours a day have a greater chance of developing diabetes. So good sleeping decreases the chance of the diabetes.

·          A fresh mind and body means a happy mind and body. It has been observed that people with sufficient sleep have less mood swings or are less irritable than the ones who do not.

·          People who regularly sleepless have a shorter life span as all the physiological activities cannot be carried out normally.

·          Getting extra sleep means more energy to perform and go the extra mile, making it very beneficial for athletes to perform to their max potential.

·         The more rested a person is the better the sex he will experience. Men and women that complained to have problems with their sex life were advised to sleep a little more before the act.

·         The body produces more amounts of protein while asleep, which strengthens the ability of the body to fight infections, pollutants, bacteria and remain healthy.

It is and always shall be very important for individuals to catch sufficient sleep which results an efficient and productive life. Ignoring the importance of sleep will only lead to the ruin of health, life and productivity level of the individual.

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