Signs and Symptoms of Antisocial-Personality-Disorder

Signs and Symptoms of Antisocial-Personality-Disorder

Antisocial-Personality-Disorder is a typical psychological condition which is actually consists of persistent pattern of feelings, thoughts, behaviours that is significantly different from what is considered in case of any normal person. Pervasive pattern of disregard violation of the rights of others which begins in child hood and continues throughout the adulthood represents this disease. Children who are affected by this disease show some special kind of behaviours such as aggressive behaviour, destructive behaviour, manipulate behaviour, and rule breaking behaviour which cannot be diagnosed easily.  

There are some theories which can describe proper cause of this disease such as malfunction of brain (mainly of temporal lobe and prefrontal cortex) causing abnormal serotonin level in different specific regions of the brain though if the persons undergoes through an unstable abusive environment in his/her childhood which consists of lack of emotional bonding, lack of trusting relationship may lead to this disease in their near future where he/she thinks everyone in the surrounding environment as victim. Smoking of the mother during pregnancy results into lower oxygen level to foetus which finally affects the temporal lobe of the foetus’s brain. 

This phenomenon may leads the new born baby being a risk of developing anti-social personality disorder. The treatment of this disease includes several techniques such as psychotherapy, institutionalization, incarceration, group therapy, anti-depressants, lithium carbonate, valporic acid, paradoxical interventions, cognitive behavioural etc.
                     As this is disorder regarding the psychological condition of the person so this disease can be easily identified by the mental expression of the person or by the psychological judgement. 

The signs and symptoms of anti-social personality disorder may include:
  •      The persons who are affected by this disease cannot judge properly which is right or which is wrong in their surrounding environments.
  • ·         It is reported that there is lack of empathy for the other loss or harms being expressed by this patients.
  • ·         The patients have a behaviour of violating rules intentionally which includes also dishonesty as well as misrepresentation even this behaviours is not changed if they are told to not to do that kind of works.
  • ·         Behaviours performed by the persons who are affected by this disease include unnecessary risk taking dangerous behaviours which may harm their life a lot.
  • ·         Persons affected by this disease cannot make any strong relationship instead of it they undergo poor relationships as a result of their abnormal psychological condition.
  • ·         Irresponsible working behaviour as well as disability of learning from the negative consequences of the behaviour is found in the patients.
  • ·         Patients usually behave in angry or arrogate manner and they make other responsible for their own wrong actions sometimes become drug or alcohol addicted too.
  • ·         The mostly seen symptoms for this disease seen in the affected persons are Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, impulsiveness, aggression or violence.
  • ·         People having anti-social personality disorder usually fail to fulfil the responsibilities regarding their family, school or work place but they never think them guilty for not doing all the works properly which needs to be done by them.

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