Signs and symptoms of Asbestos lung cancer

Signs and symptoms of Asbestos lung cancer

In this rare case of cancer which causes inflammatory and other medical conditions, occurs due to inhalation and retention of asbestos hair like projections, this is also known as asbestosis or asbestos lung cancer. People who work in asbestos production factories and have a constant exposure to asbestos, and those that work in mines, manufacturing, handling, and removal of asbestos are at a high risk of getting affected by this disease. 

There is no cure available for this disease. Treatment needs to be done to remove the secretions that happen from the lung by postural drainage, vibrations and chest percussion. Medications that are may be prescribed in order to make secretions loose. If a person smokes, quitting it would only make matters worse and cause further damage. Regular pulmonary test, chest x-rays and clinical evaluations must be made. 

People who have asbestos roofing are also at a major risk. There are many ways of diagnosis such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, hypersensitivity, pneumonia, acidosis, and many others. The hair like projections might get ingested and due to the absorption of the asbestos hair like projections is when the initial problem begins. Ignorance of which might be worse and also lead to the death of the person affected. Family and friends support is needed and the patient must be treated with love, care and compassion.

Signs and symptoms of Asbestos lung cancer are as follows:
  •      Shortness of breath: Inhale and exhale of air or oxygen becomes hard and patient keeps feeling out of breath. This can also lead to panting and gasping for breath.
  • ·         Respiratory failure: Breathing might become so difficult and sometimes even reach a stage of non-functionality of the respiratory organs.
  • ·         Diffusion Capacity: The diffusion or the mixing or oxygen in the blood reduces because even the intake of oxygen also reduces. Diffusion is very important as the cells need oxygen to function and for daily activities.
  • ·         Low amount of oxygen: As mentioned above less oxygen is taken by the body.
  • ·         Dry cough: constant dry cough with pain is also experienced. This is due to weakness and can be very dangerous leading to other illness if ignored.
  • ·         Chest pain: Pain in the chest is also observed, this is mostly caused due to the constant cough and might to discomfort and irritable behavior.
  • ·         Coughing up blood: excessive coughing might lead to an internal injury and patient may observe little amounts of blood or maybe more being released while coughing.
  • ·         Tiredness: The body is completely drained of all possible energy sources and hence productivity decreases to bare minimum.
  • ·         Weight loss: Drastic loss in weight of the patient due to undernourishment and lack of sleep and pain. This loss might be due to fluid loss or loss of the water from the body.
  • ·         Frequent lung infection: A patient with this disease is constantly exposed to various lung infections and hence must be kept in a safe environment. Hygiene and dust free environment should be maintained. 

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