Signs and Symptoms of Graves’ Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Graves’ Disease

Graves’ disease is an auto immune disease which is occurred due to attack of thyroid gland by the immune system of the own body which finally results into the excess production of thyroxin hormone. Thyroxin hormone is actually a protein consisting of four iodine molecules which is solely responsible for the growth and metabolism of the human body. Persons irrespective of sex and age may be affected by this disease though it mostly affects women of age 20 or more than 20 years. The disease is mainly caused by the malfunction of the immune system resulting the binding of immune cells to thyroid gland causing over production of thyroxin hormone. 

It is thought that this disease is caused by genetic factor, stress, gender, pregnancy and possible infection. Usually TSH hormone secreted from the Pituitary controls the secretion of thyroid gland but in this disease the secretion is increased due to the chemical signal caused by immune cells. This disease is usually diagnosed by three types of tests such as i) Thyroid function test ii) Radioactive iodine uptake iii) Antibody test. Though there is no specific treatment is discovered to cure this disease totally, but some medicines may ease the symptoms as well as reduce the secretion of the thyroid gland. 

The patient affected by this disease usually treated with antithyroid medication or radioactive iodine surgery. After pursuing radioactive iodine surgery as the patient loses his/her thyroid gland he/she has to take thyroid hormone from external source to maintain all physiological activities normally.

This disease has some acute symptoms which are being found in almost all the persons who are affected by this disease only the severity of the symptoms varies. The signs and symptoms help a lot in the visual recognition of this disease. Some of the most common symptoms are described in the following:
  • ·         Exophthalmos: This is most important symptoms for this disease causing the eyeballs stick out. This is occurred when the thyroid gland produce excess amount of thyroxin hormone.
  • ·         Anxiety & double vision are the commonly sign symptoms for this disease. The persons having no eye sight problem started suffering from double vision often.
  • ·         Arrhythmia: This is another symptom of this disease causing irregular heartbeat which is also known as palpitations.
  • ·         Insomnia: insomnia is caused as a result of the malfunction of thyroid gland which finally results into acute sleeping sickness.
  • ·         Muscle weakness and weight loss is also mostly seen symptoms of this disease due to abnormal control of metabolism.
  • ·         Breast enlargement in men and irregular menstruation period in women occurs in the later stage of this disease.
  • ·         Shortness of breath with activity as well as followed by nervousness may be found in the body of the person who is affected by this disease.
  • ·         Memory loss is a symptom which is found sometimes in the body of few patients affected by this disease.
  • ·         Chest pain as well as weakness and fatigue may indicate the outbreak of this disease in the human body.

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