Signs and Symptoms of Minamata

Signs and Symptoms of Minamata

Minamata disease is a severe neurological disorder which is usually caused due to severe mercury poisoning. This disease caused mainly in human. The main causative agent which is solely responsible for the outbreak of this disease is methyl mercury. In generally methyl mercury cannot be entered in our body though in some cases this harmful chemical compound enters into our body through the contaminated fishes and shell fishes which grow in the water which is polluted factory wastes when we eat them unknowingly. 

Methyl mercury is actually a bi product of acetyldehyde produced from specific chemical reaction which takes place in the factory during production of some other substances. This methyl mercury pollute the water and enters into the body of the organisms living in the water such as Shellfish, fish etc. Man gets affected by ingesting major amount of contaminated fishes. This disease is also known as Chisso-Minamata disease. Being heavy metal mercury can be absorbed in different ways into our body i) it can be moderately absorbed through the skin ii) absorption can be occurred in a lower rate through the gastro intestinal tract iii) It may also be readily absorbed through the vapour also. 

After entering into human body, mercury forms some compound substance which are many times more toxic that the original element. Dimethyl mercury is a neurotoxin which can be fatal to human within a short period of time even if entered in a lesser amount (which is fraction of millimetre). Mercury has the enough capability to damage the central nervous system, endocrine system, kidney as well as other organs, mouth, gums and teeth. Mercury and its compounds are particularly toxic to fetuses and infants.

Being a neurological disorder as this disease affects the central nervous system which is the main portion of our body controls all the action-reactions, that’s why several acute symptoms can be found in the body of the person who is affected by this disease. 

Here some common as well as mostly reported symptoms are discussed in the following:
  • ·         Psychological Disturbances: As the compound of the mercury formed in the human body are mostly neurotoxins that’s why they leave a great impact on the central nervous system which result in the change of the psychology of the affected person significantly. The behaviour of the affected person gets changed and they tend to be arrogant.
  • ·         Oral Cavity Problem: Oral cavity problem is one the most reported problem arises due to the after effect of this disease which affects teeth, mouth as well as gums too. Teeth’s decaying is found mostly in the affected persons.
  • ·         Digestive tract problem: As the mercury compound can be absorbed in a lesser amount through the digestive tract that why several gastrointestinal problems may also arise in the later stage of this disease.
  • ·         Cardiovascular Problem: In some patients cardiovascular problem arises which can lead to death also. As the heart gets affected by the toxins that are why heart rate as well as blood pressure also changed.
  • ·         Respiratory Problem: In few cases respiratory problem in breathing also appears when the lung is affected by the mercury vapour.
  • ·         Hands become crippled which have the enough capability to result in permanent paralysis too.

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