Play station 4 , Sony , electronic entertainment expo, Horizon Zero dawn.

Play station 4 , Sony , electronic entertainment expo, Horizon Zero dawn.

Technology is techniques applied to real life application. These help in creating newer innovative tools for human entertainment , usage and many more. Various applications and games have captured the world market. With new trending games and technologies it's necessary to have regular update on technology. Let's have a look;

Play station 4 :  Its like a combo for satisfying the hidden. Entertainment and fun hunger. One stop home entertainment destination. HD movies, music , television and gaming are more thrilling and high definition with PlayStation 4. It's a super charged and unmatchable console. Delivering dynamic 4k gaming experience. Stunning and high quality HDR visuals give unrivalled and exceptional gaming experiences.
With play station 4 gaming is redefined. It makes you feel more indulged and embraced in the visuals on screen.
Controls are expectedly updated and suit your needs. New captive touch pad , dual analogue sticks and triggor buttons all combine making controlling of the characters onscreen easy.

Electronic entertainment Expo 2017 : The grand event held between June 13 , 2017 Tuesday to June 15 , 2017.It's a grand event for showcasing computer, video and mobile games and all other connected products. It's held in Los Angeles convention center. All kind of extreme and groundbreaking products, leading edge entertainment  giants connect with each other. It’s the most happening place for all techies , video game lovers.
Software developers , buyers and retailers , manufacturers, resellers, researchers and educators, financial and industry analyst, worldwide electronic and print media , biggest video game fans , Financier and venture capitalist are major participants of this happening gala technology meet called  electronic expo 2017.
It is organized by ESA . It is best for all those to satisfy technology and gaming hunger of game ,technology and entertainment  lovers.

Horizon zero dawn : It's a guerilla game product. Published by Sony interactive entertainment for playstation4 in 2017. The action role playing video game revolves around a character called Aloy.  She is a hunter in the world powered by robots.. A skill tree is the life saving economy in the game. Weapons like spear, stealth tactics and ranged arms are characters fighting strength. Its based on exploration of open world environment by Aloy.
This game has already heated the gaming market. It has won the award for best original game in 2015 and 2016. According to latest records 3.4 million of copies have been sold till date making it one of the best selling game of an original IP on PlayStation 4 .

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