iphone 8 features, release date, difference between iphone 7 and iphone 8, iphone 8 colors

I phone 8 : On its way…..

 iphone 8 picture
iphone 8 features, release date, difference between iphone 7 and iphone 8, iphone 8 colors

Apple has always created enormous innovations in the iPhone series since the beginning. iphone 7 was expected to heat up the market. But it failed to stand as expected due to lesser innovations. This time apple is ready to launch iPhone 8 which is much upgraded and hopefully this time it will set new hallmark for apple's success.
  1. I phone 8 launch.
  2. Price in India.
  3. Colors
  4. Features of iPhone 8.
  5. Difference between iPhone 7 and 8.
  6. Iphone 8 plus. 

I phone 8 launch :

With speculations of I phone 8 launch , it's launch date has been fixed. I phone 8 launch will occur in September 2017.It's an apple 10th anniversary gift for its fans and lovers.  It will arrive as ‘I phone x' or ‘I phone edition’. Its been 10 years since  launch of first apple I phone.Speculations are that initially iPhone 8 will be available in limited numbers. What ever it is , but for all the iPhone lovers its always a happy occasion.
Price in India : iPhone 7 price in India starts from with 45000/-INR. On the other hand with more advanced features and glamorous look iPhone 8 expectedly will range above 80000/- INR. Initially on launch of iPhone 7  cost was 92000 INR which subsequently fell down as e marketers started offering discounts.
Colors : iPhone 8 will be available in several dazzling colors and shades. Its sleek design and stunning features perfectly fulfill the expectations from newer version in apple series. iphone8 look is most awaited since apple hasn’t updated its look in previously launched versions of iPhone. In the words of ‘Tim Cook : There is still the beginning in the smartphone era, a lot more is still left to be discovered. There will be many new changes in iphone 8 looks and colors.

Features iPhone 8 :

As many as fans of apple iphones, more is the speculation regarding its new updated features and versions.
Apple iphone8 AR feature : Apple has taken long time infusing AR in iOS 11(ARKit). It being rumored that this will be the largest AR platform. If this comes true , then it will surely make deep impact of iphone's global success.
Triple camera & increased number of camera modes.: Its being presumedthat iphone8 will have more camera modes in comparison to previous versions. iphone8 will have dual rear camera. Apple has made its camera more advanced and updated in new iPhone 8.
AR : This is the technology which connect the virtual world to the real life. To understand it in a more conclusive way consider the game of ‘Pokemon go'. This was last summer's rocking gaming experience which allowed locating the virtual characters in reality.
Along with AR , there are more advanced features. The previous versions had few unique features like portrait mode ,exposure mode. These made your capturing experience more advanced and exotic. With these features you can easily capture in motion moving waves, streaks of light and many more.
Advanced siri : Like previous versions , this time also siri will be a crucial feature of new iPhone 8.  There will be more options with siri in iphone8.
Its also being assumed that iphone8 will leave the old home button feature. Finger print sensor will be replacing the home button.
Siri will be equipped with more advanced features to accept more commands and follow commands like ‘ Siri can you show the recent activities?”.
Optimized head set : Apple's new software called Mac high Sierra. This will create mesmerizing VR experiences. Apple's iMac's have horse power to run VR environment.
OLED display will also be available on new iPhone.OLED screens eliminate backlighting effect and true blacks. This will surely add extra points to feature list of iPhone 8.
Home pod integration :  Its known that it is a apple's reply to Amazon echo and Google home. It's beginning of Integration of iPhone and iPad.
In simple words it will help you in conditions like you have lost your phone.  Just by asking ‘siri where's my iphone? ‘ you can simply track your lost iPhone in your place. You can switch over devices very easily without separate requests for logging in. Playing songs , movies and other things can be a boundless experience without any restrictions.
It can also work as speaker for conference calls or long distance family chats.
AR overlay on apple maps : It's easy to manage your travel in unknown destinations. With iphone8 in the scene you can view directions. Easily track roads via landmarks. You can view roads on real location map.
So now you need not worry about the directions when you are new in the city!.

Difference between iphone7 and iphone8 :

Remember the last time apple made an announcement for iPhone release , people were bubbling with same excitement but unfortunately iPhone 7 could not match the expected upgrade. Extended battery life was only the additional feature in iphone7 but this time there is a lot more in iphone8.
Design and look : iPhone 7 was having the traditional look as iPhone 6s.  There was no major change in the design. iPhone 8 will have changes in its look and design. It will be more wider, thicker and taller. Predecessor iphone7 had aluminum chassis while iphone8 will have forged steel.
Another major change will be replacement of the home button by touch sensors.
Display features : Unlike its predecessor iPhone 8 will have higher resolution. Its updated to quad HD level. IPhone 8 has edge to edge display. Reduced bezells , and curved look and 5.8 inch OLED.
Camera quality : previously iphone7 had many advanced camera features but there is always a room for improvement. With advanced feature and upgraded quality iPhone 8 will have dual camera ,with optical image stabilization. iphone8 has hidden rear camera under OLED display. It is also speculated that it is capable of facial recognition and iris scanning technology.
Battery life :   Even though iPhone 7 had high battery life and upgraded battery quality. 10 nanometers A11 fusion chip used in iphone8 makes it more efficient increasing the performance up to 40-50%.
With all these differences surely iPhone 8 is a mystery box with thousands of hidden surprises for iPhone lovers. Just wait till September to explore new horizons in smartphone era.
Iphone 8 plus : The launch of iphone8 plus in September will surely give a new shape to the existing trends in smartphone industry. Hopefully setting new benchmarks for smartphone era development it will have advanced and unique features which will heat up the competition in the smartphone market. This will also lead to newer developments in the smartphone era. With previous qualities of predecessors it has new upgraded features which will surely blow your techie taste and hunger.
Be ready to face a new era of smartphone with iphone8 .

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