Aadhar card , Government of India mandatory in everything now!

Aadhar card , Government of India
With ruling party making Aadhar card mandatory for all government processes. It has become a crucial identity of an individual. From students using their aadhar numbers in filling exam applications to transactions of any amount , aadhar cars has become a significant part of the governmental and non governmental process. With new amendments and laws in aadhar usage , linking of aadhar card  with the pan card is another major act in discussion.
  1. Linking aadhar card with the pancard.
  2. Importance of linking pancard with aadhar card.
  3. Steps to link your Aadhar card and Pan card .
  4. Correction possible.
  5. Supreme court's virtue on linking Aadhar card and PAN card.

Linkingaadhaar card with PAN card
A PAN card is permanent account number. It uniquely identifies every tax paying resident of India. It's a 10 digit code. Issued by Income tax department , this identification helps in linking all sources of tax on different utilities used  by an individual. It is necessary to file income tax returns. Even foreigners filing income tax return need to have PAN Id .
Aadhar card is another major unique identification proof. Unique identification authority of India issues aadhar cars for each Indian resident. It's a major proof of identity as well as proof of address.Aadhar card is a 12 digit number with individuals biometric and demographic information. It's a important document for verification and registration in the government services and schemes.
Recently income tax department has come up with the system of linking aadhar card with the PAN card number. Its done in many ways. Its become mandatory to mention aadhar enrolment Id at the time of filing ITR( income tax return).

Importance of linking Aadhar card and PAN card
Both PAN card and aadhaar card act as proof of identity. It is done for following reasons :
  • Restrict tax evasion.
  • Multiple PAN cards. : Many times individuals produce many PAN cards to prevent themselves from paying taxes. Thus to maintain transparency and truthfulness of the Tax paying process linking of aadhar and PAN is necessary.
  • Making easy filing of income tax returns.

Steps to link Aadhar card and PAN card
  • Login into electronic filling portal , income tax department. Use your login I’d, dob and password to log in.
  • On logging in a window will appear instructing you to link the aadhaar and PAN Id.
  • On clicking link option all the details will be automatically filled up.
  • Verify the details with aadhar details.
  • Now click on link now .
  • Finally a message will pop confirming your aadahaar -PAN linkage.

Correction possible : Income tax department has made hyperlinks available on its site to make corrections in details easy. Errors in name or any other details can be easily done on income tax department website.

Supreme court’s virtue on linking Aadhar and PAN card :  Supreme court has made linking of Aadhar and PAN mandatory. This will help in easy and more pure and justified income tax paying by avoiding production of fake multiple PAN ids.

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