Why is today's generation the most and the least happy generation?

Blog Topic: Why today's generation is the most AND least mindful generation ever
Title: Being Mindful is the Key to a Happy and Healthy Life
The present generation is the least mindful generation ever. This is a sad realization and we are already facing its consequences. Given the amount of trash we put up with every day, we cannot do a greater disservice to ourselves than by being less mindful.
Tragedy of Modern Living
Our lives today are dramatically different than what it was couple of decades ago. We welcomed unhealthy lifestyles, messed up our personal relationships and dumped our humane side. We are constantly expanding our social circles with ‘new friends’ ignoring our family completely. We are always hankering after good things and despising bad experiences.We are jet-setting from one experience to another and forgetting to absorb every moment. We are overloaded with high expectations and want everything. We are running after beauty, trying to be perfect to the ‘T’. We like to skim the surface only and don’t have time to sit and introspect even if a day gives us 24 hours! So we continue being hungry for more experiences to fill in the blanks of unfulfilled desires just like Robert Frost wrote-“Life is an interminable chain of longing”.  
Face the 8 Rude Facts
· We are so busy trying to impress others that we forget to listen to our poor Self.
· We are so busy hating others that we forget the significance of love.
· We are so much into gaining that we forget the need to giving back.
· We are so desperate to raise our ambitions that we hardly feel the need to pay heed to the real lessons of life.
· We are busy flaunting our achievements so much that we forget to be thankful.
· We are so busy experiencing life that we forget the significance of ‘living’ life.
· We are so caught up into acquiring materialistic possessions that we shut our spiritual development altogether.
· To add to this never-ending list, we have forgotten our Creator long back with whose blessings and love we are here on this earth.
This act of continuous moving without any purpose is eating into our peace of mind, making us wander aimlessly, and ultimately we lose track of the very purpose of our life. This is because we are not mindful of what we are thinking or doing. In the words of the Great Buddha, those who are mindless or heedless are already dead!Our bloated egoistic self, had blindfolded our eyes preventing us from observing the beauty of this ‘gift’ called Life, and leaving us in eternal darkness.Our mindlessness has GIFTED us tonnes of stress, anxiety, depression, broken dreams and more failures. This is as bad as living in Hell!
If any of you find yourself agreeing to the above, it’s high time you realize you are in for a major BLOW. Are you paralyzed from the blow already? Don’t worry this ordeal will not last long if you accept your shortcomings and practice being mindfulness.
What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness refers to paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations on purpose without judging them. It is an effort to redirect our mind to be in the ‘present’ and stop mulling over our past experiences or setting expectations about the future. This is a conscious attempt to bring purposefulness into our actions because our mind tends to travel everywhere even though we are living in the present.
7 Benefits of Mindfulness
Heck! We have barely started with our yoga and meditation that you ask us to digest this new word ‘mindfulness’.
Yes, because practicing it brings a wide range of benefits.
· It boosts our immune system and helps us to fight off diseases.
· It increases positive emotions and reduces negative ones such as stress and depression.
· It teaches us to focus without distractions and improves our memory and attention skills.
· It helps us develop positive values such as compassion and humility.
· It helps us to appreciate the simple things of life.
· It helps us to mend relationship problems by teaching us to be more accepting of each other’s faults.
· It helps parents to develop better relationships with their kids. Kids growing up with parents practicing mindfulness have better social skills.
· It helps obese people to develop healthier eating habits to fight obesity and to lose weight quickly.
Now you surely would not feign ignorance about mindfulness.So here are a few tips to start with it right away.
7 Easy Ways to Practicing Mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness can be challenging in the beginning but we must never lose hope buddy!
· The first step is preparing to practice meditation and searching for a quiet place to perform it.
· Sit quietly and collect your thoughts when you find one.
· Start by focusing on your breath and gradually practice focusing on ‘nothing’ to eliminate any distractions.
· Forgive yourself and others and learn to let go of bad experiences.
· Give yourself time and identify what cues your body or mind is giving out when you are not meditating.
· Thank yourself for taking time out from your busy schedule for your well-being.
· Develop a sense of gratitude for all the things you took for granted in this life.
With time you will realize that you don’t have to put much effort into practicing mindfulness. It will be as natural as breathing or brushing your dirty teeth or texting your lover. Sounds good? Well, after a considerable period of time you will find it has changed your lifestyle totally. Share your story with others around and inspire them to bring a change in their lives for greater good.

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