Make up & Cosmetics

Make up & Cosmetics

For a spotless and flawless shining skin and a beautiful and pretty profile makeup is an absolute necessity. There are different types of makeup and cosmetics available in the market and various online fashion stores.
To look perfect you need to choose makeup and cosmeticswhich match your skin type. Choosing inappropriate cosmetics can lead to disaster. This may also lead to several skin allergies. So its very necessary to choose right  makeup for your skin tone.
Each component of your makeup kit plays a major role in designing your overall look. Let’s watch out what's must in your makeup kit.

Eye makeup : Its believed that beautiful eyes capture maximum attention. These become a conveyer of your dressing mood. Therefore for party look, wedding look or casual look you need a perfect matching eye makeover.
Normally eye makeup includes few basic components like eye-shadow, eyeliner , kajal, and mascara.
Decide the kind of look :
For eye makeup firstly you have to decide what look you wish to carry. For party look you need a fancy and more shiny kind of makeup while for a casual outing or a professional meeting you need a bit more subtle and formal makeup.
Analyze your eye shape
Another thing which is to be considered is your eye shape. Every girl has a different eye cut and hence the makeup which may suit one may not look that pretty on other.
Eye shapes may vary from wide set  , close set, upturned, down turned , hooded, protruding, monolid to Deep set.
Apply the makeup as per your skin tone and apply concealer and primer with bb cream around eyes to hide any kind of dark spots around eyes. Blend and mix the bb cream well before application.
To make your eyes look wider and big apply kajal on both the sides of your eye. This will make your eyes look deeper and big.

Face makeup
Makeup is not something which hides original face or personality of a person. Face makeup defines your creative cut. It gives you freedom to manipulate and experiment with your look. The way you dress up and get ready says almost everything without speaking.

In other words fashion is a second language of communication in today’s world. To get started :
Firstly its very necessary to have a healthy skin before applying any makeup. A naturally healthy skin enhances your makeup look.
This may include a daily skin care routine. The daily skin care routine can be divided into two parts. When we wake up and when we sleep these are the times when you need to check and care your skin.
Morning skin care :
 Requirements : Gentle cleanser
Coconut oil.
When you wake up your skin needs pampering before applying any makeup.. Use a gentle cleanser according to your skin tone to clean your skin. If your skin is oily then use face wash which removes oil from skin. If your skin is dry. Then apply coconut oil and then rinse with suitable gentle facewash.
If you don’t know your skin type then you can use cleansing milk. This is a perfect remedy for cleansing any type of skin.

Toner : This is another must have item in your skin care routine. This is a boon for all those who have pimples and acne problems. It has two functions
1.       Brightening of skin.
2.       Maintaining pH of skin.

Moisturizers : Apply moisturizer to moisten and nourish your skin. Choose moisturizer according to season and skin tone. In winters go for a oily skin moisturizer and in summers opt for a lesser oily and hydrating moisturizer.
Makeup hacks
Prerequisites : Before applying any cosmetic check your skin type. There are many types of makeup available. Oil based , mineral based and water based. As per seasonal variations and skin tone choose carefully.
Cosmetics in general for regular makeup
1.       Primer.
2.       Foundation.
3.       Concealer.
4.       Powder.
5.       Blush
6.       Lipstick
7.       Lipgloss.

One can add or remove items out of this list according to desire.

Applying a primer is the first process to begin with your makeup. This is necessary to make your make up last longer. Also in case you sweat then primer will hold your makeup in place. There are many primers available online which are used on daily basis my millions of ladies and girls.

Foundation is another key ingredient for makeup. Where primer makes your skin even , foundation helps in concealing , making your skin look flawless.

Be careful while applying g foundation because too much of it may give you a scary look. Also, choose the right shade of foundation and blend it well over your face.

Concealers hide your dull areas of skin. Choose a liquid concealer and apply it under your eyes in a triangular manner and mix with foundation on skin using a concealer brush. (Do not rub just dab the brush to mix well.).

Face powder : This may or may not be used based on your choice and necessity. Just match the right shade with your skin tone before applying face powder.

Blush : This helps to highlight your cheek bones. The cheeks look more fluffy and reddish after blushing. Use a powder blush if you are using powder else opt for a cream blush.

Make your lips pouty with Lipstick
There is a wide range of lip colors from various brands. To make your lips fuller and more pouty you can choose these lip colors. Before applying any lip makeup make sure your lips are moisturized and healthy.
In case you wish to have a subtle and not so chirpy look just use a lip liner to outline your lips and apply a lip gloss to enhance your natural lip color.
If you are in a chirpy mood then go for funky lip colors. You can choose from market or various online makeup stores.

With these tips in hand you are ready to glow with your make up look. For any makeup look you can shop online avail offers and discounts on all your makeup and cosmetics need. 

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