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Makeup brushes & their variants.
Makeup is an art. It has its own mesmerizing details which can completely transform your look. There are many components of this makeup.
Any makeup look requires skill and right components. Same is applicable to makeup brushes.When you have correctly chosen foundation, face powder , concealer and others you cannot compromise with your make up brush.
There are many types of make up brushes available in the market. Each type of make up brush has its own specific use. So its very necessary to know about how to choose correct brush for your look.

Eye make up brushes
1.       Eye base brush

When you do your eye make up you want your eyes to compliment your mood. Therefore its very necessary to correctly use eye make up to get desired look.
After selecting the right eye shadow and eye color the next big demand is to properly spread it.

Eye base brush is a wide , flat short brush it is very handy to apply and one can use it without any hassle with eyelid.

This helps is wide area application of eye color without any pulling of your eyelids.

2.       Smudgerbrush:
If you love flaunting  the smokey eye look then this one is for you. Just apply the slight smoky color and spread with this brush this will smolder and smoothen the finish over your eyes .
The bristles of this brush are curved which perfectly fit over your eyes.

Lip make up
3.       Lip brush

This is the flexible and handy option to apply your lip color.  Its very easy and more hygienic way to apply lip color.
It has been designed in a way such that it provides maximum area coverage.

Face make up brushes
1.       Foundation brush
As the name suggests it is used for applying foundation on your face. Liquid foundations are often clumsy and sticky to handle.

Do you also face whitened hands and finger marks after applying g foundation. Then this brush is for you.
The brush helps in blending the foundation properly avoiding any absurd patches.
Just take your desired foundation  on your face and spread evenly from your nose to outer sections of your face.,
People often consider is to so usable product in their make up kit

But believe it or not it’s the best way for hygienic , smooth and handy foundation application.

2.       Powder brushes

This is used mainly for bronzer. All kind of powder products in your make up need a powder brush. So this one has no alternative.

Just dip this brush in your product and simply pat over your skin for perfect and smooth application.
One more merit you get with this is you can easily tap out excess powder e@sily.

3.       Concealer brush

It’s a small brush which creates a loud impact after usage. Whenever you use concealed over those hectic and tough imperfections on your skin you often get in trouble due to imperfect patchy look.

To avoid this just use this brush over your concealer in a dabbing motion and you can easily hide blemishes.
Whether its your annoying imperfections or dark circles of your eyes with this brush you can easily cover them.

4.       Blusher brush

Blush is something which makes your cheeks look more fuller and red like apple. This brush is made of smooth fibers. It is used in dabbling motion while applying blush over your cheeks.

It helps in even blending and perfect finish.
To have a perfect look and see it yourself do not forget to smile after applying.

5.       Contour brush :

Bristles of this brush are bit slanted to mat h with your cheekbone angle. Its used for highlighting and illuminating the overall makeup.

With this brush you can easily get your final look and go flawless and beautiful.

6.       Stippling brush

It’s a duo fibre type. Also called skunk brush. It has animal skin drifting out bristles tightly held along with the black bristles.

It’s a multipurpose brush and is used in each and every step of the makeup procedure. From bronzer to concealer all need this brush therefore this has got no substitute.

Flat end is circular at the tip. Head is feathery making it more handy and easy to use. This is mostly used at places where you need a perfect finish. Helps in clearing g patches without removing any pre applied makeup. Reduces the time involved at every steps by providing necessary finish on the spot.

With these brushes you can easily do your makeup and get a beautiful and gorgeous look.
All these brushes are available online and offline. Different brands are available.
Few known brand are

                                I.            Bobbie brown concealer brush.
                              II.            Artiste rounded smudge brush.
                            III.            Avon retractable brush.
                            IV.            The body shop blusher brush.
                              V.            National powder brush.
                            VI.            GLO minerals eye base brush.

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