Lip color

In todays world Fashion is an alternative language. From dressing style to accessories and hair styles. Everything forms a crucial part of your personality. In other way it defines you. It symbolizes your mood.

Now if fashion is so important then obviously you need to find perfect accessories which match your taste and personality.
Makeup is an art. You cannot just put anything on your face. It is necessary to correctly match up the right kind of makeup according to your dressing , occasion and many more. Also applying the right quantity in a perfect manner is necessary for a flawless and flaunting look.
Cosmetics and makeup is something every women uses almost every day. Given below are the details  of one of the most important item in your makeup kit that is lip color or lip stick.
Lip stick is something that makes your lips more shinier and fuller. It is one of those components which can enhance your facial look by million times.
While buying lipsticks there are many points which you must keep in mind. A mismatched or un occasional lip color can spoil your overall look.
Let’s check out different varieties in color pop lipsticks
1.       Ultra matte lip :

It is one of those kind of lipsticks which make your lips look more fuller and sexy. This is available in all stores online and offline. It matches with all your sexy and bold looks.

A liquid formulation for your lips to make them look more sexier. It gives a perfect matte finish a transfer proof look.
 One can buy this in different shades and color according to your needs and choice. Nudes , pinks , oranges , purples and red are few popular shades in this range.

2.       Ultra satin lip : 
As the name says it gives a satin smooth texture to your lips. It is one of those color pop lipsticks that compliment your everyday style.
These are also available in many shades from purple, brown ,orange to very light shimmering nude shades.
3.       Ultra glossy color pop lipsticks :

 This is yet another on hit list. It is for the chic look. This is perfect for every happening occasion. The plus point with this lipstick is its long lasting tendency.

4.       Ultra metallic lip
5.       Lippie stix
6.       Lippie pencil

7.       Ultra blotted lip
8.       Blotted lip
9.       Lip balm
10.   Lip sets.

Pink show, prom pink , rose day, rock star red, selfie red , rust rage. Choose your color with occasion that suits you.

All the above mentioned shades are available under Elle brand. Each at a worth price of 100. For all those pocket friendly shopping g lovers it's the perfect grab deal.

All these varieties are available in different brands. Few famous brands are Elle color pop lipsticks , lakme , Revlon and many other brands can be checked out.

Many times if you prefer online shopping you may get extra discounts. Hurry up and find your color pop lipstick now!

Tips to make your lips look perfect with color pop lipsticks

1)      Lip balm :

Directly applying lip color will make your lips shrunk and wrinkled. To make your lip color long lasting and smooth you need to first apply lip balm. Use small amount of lip balm and spread all over your lips to remove all creases and wrinkles. This will help in wide areas application.

2)      Lip liner

Even if you choose the correct lip color incorrect liner may spoil the case. Choose a liner of different color than your color pop lipsticks . Apply lip liner in a dotted manner and then connect the dots to get a perfect lined lips.

3)      Apply color pop lipsticks

After you are done with the initial steps just fill your lips with desired color pop lipsticks. While applying lipstick do not rub the lip stick or lip color brush over your lips . As much as possible try to apply even color at once in one stroke.

4)      Blot your lips

To keep that tacky look of your lipstick on your teeth always blot your lipstick. Take a tissue paper and press it against your lips to make your rinse off any extra effect. For more matte appearance spread powder on tissue before pressing g against your lips.

Choose a lip color that makes your lips look full. For those having thin lips avoid using deep shades of  lip colors. They make your lips look more thinner. 

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