Eye Makeup

Eye makeup
Eyes are the mirror of your mood, mind and personality. So whenever you wear a new look you should compliment it with matching eye makeup to look pretty and perfect. There is a huge variety of products available in the market for eye makeup.
Its very difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Therefore check out as much as you can before spending your money.
There are many components of eye makeup  from eye-shadow palette, mascara to kajal and eyeliner. Be very cautious about choosing the correct brand while choosing any of these products.
Low quality products can cause skin irritation and inflammation. They can even damage your eye.

How to use Eyeliner ?
Are you someone struggling with your eyeliner. So here are few simple steps you need to follow for best eyeliner look :
1.       Shaking the eyeliner : Firstly you need to mix the eyeliner well so that you get perfect color. So shake the liquid eyeliner bottle well unscrew and you are ready to apply.

2.       Peel off the excess : Even you apply a very thick coat at once it may drip and it smudges. So after you have shaken the bottle well make sure you peel off the excess color on your brush to prevent yourself from that scary panda look.

3.       Always target the center first : Placing the brush near the eyelashes firstly start from middle of the portion and then spread outwards. This will help in getting a proper shape.

4.       Gap filling : After you are done with outer edges fill up the gaps. If you mishandle somewhere in between applying use a cotton to clear the mess.

5.       Wings look : For a winged liner look follow the outer eye lash from outer end. Then create wings and fill it up. This enhances your look. Its an optional step.
Few things to be kept in mind to perfectly match your mood are :
1)      Go for smaller wings if you don’t want a dramatic look.
2)      If you want a dramatic look you should opt for longer winged eyes.
3)      Use a sharp card to create sharp lines in edges of your eyes.
4)      If you are using a pencil liner then sharpen it for proper color and finish.
5)      Tight lining helps in looking more natural.

Eye-shadow palette smoky eye look….

Everyone wants a sexy smoky eyes for parties or any other happening occasion. To get perfect smoky eyes follow these steps:

Prepare base : With a fluffy brush apply a nude eye-shadow followed by a darker shade. This helps in creating a basic start for smoky eyes.
Apply eye-shadow properly all over the eyelids.

Highlight the outer edges of eyelids :

Apply a slight dull brown eye-shadow towards outer side. This makes a background for your smoky eyes.
Apply black eye-shadow towards inner side for intensifying the smokiness.

Intensify the center
Using a white shinning glittery eye-shadow highlight the center by a fluffy brush. This gives a sexy and glittery Smokey look.

Paint the upper eye lash

After you are done with the eye-shadow paint your upper eyelash with black eyeliner.  Make sure there are no clumps while applying eyeliner other wise the whole look will be distorted.

 Stretch your liner out past edges and eyelids. Create wings following lower lash line. Fill up the wings.

Mascara and false lashes for final touch
 This is the final step where you a can apply mascara and eye lashes for a more flashy and expressive look.

Now you can easily create a smoky eye look easily.


Its one of the most simple and almost everyday usable eye makeup. Kajal elaborates your look. There are many brands which can be trusted for everyday usable kajal. Lakme, colossal, Elle, Revlon are few common names.

You should be very careful while buying kajal because many times if it does suit your eyes then it may cause severe allergy and eye problems.
Tips and tricks to apply kajal perfectly
                                                        I.            Cleanse your eyes
Before applying kajal make sure your eyes are clean and devoid of any impurity or dust otherwise it will cause itching and irritation.

                                                      II.            Apply from outer to inner side
Apply kajal from outer edges towards the inner tear duct. To get a bit heavy look you can apply two to three strokes.

                                                    III.            Cleanse and remove well before sleeping  :
If you don’t clean it before sleeping then it may give you bitterness in your eyes and you may feel itchy. So just remove your kajal before you sleep with some cleansing milk or coconut oil. Then massage your eyes wash with cold water.

With these tips and tricks in hand you are ready to flaunt your look.

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