Makeup kit essentials

Makeup kit essentials
Morning make up & skin care
For a healthy and glowing skin you need a proper skin care regime set for every morning. To keep yourself fresh and awakened it's very necessary to use products which nourishes and cleanses your skin every morning. So here are few of those essential items which you must include in your daily morning skin care routine :

1.       Skin cleanser : Use a gentle morning cleanser which deeply cleans your skin without making it rough. One can choose the skin cleanser on the basis of their skin type.
For oily skin prefer a oil cleanser face wash. Cleansing milk is the best option for every kind of skin. It nourishes your skin and cleans it deeply and gently.
2.       Toner : This helps in tightening your skin and helps reducing wrinkles. It makes you look more bright and glowing. Must choose product to look fresh through out the day.

3.       Soothing lotion or gel :  For final step you can choose soothing lotion or gel and massage your face to make your skin smooth and healthy. One can choose lotion and gel based on season and skin type. In summers opt for a hydrating lotion.

Everyday makeup
For blemish free and beautiful look you need to keep your face ready. So makeup helps you intensify your positive and highlighted features. It also helps in hiding unnecessary patches ,dullness and blemishes. Let's check out daily makeup essentials :
          I.            Primer : This helps in making your make up long lasting and glowing. One can use any primer  of ponds, Revlon, Maybelline or any other brand .
Mix well and apply evenly all over your face. One can use dabbing face makeup sponge to mix up the primer with skin properly.
        II.            After you have applied the primer you are ready to start the main makeup part. Apply bb cream or foundation matching your skin color and texture. Its very necessary to choose correct foundation else it can give you a scary look.

Apply foundation evenly using face makeup sponge.

      III.            Concealer : This is yet another important component of the makeup kit. Concealers are available in different forms. In liquid form , in powder form, and in gel form. Choose from whatever suits you the best.

Using a concealer brush apply the concealer in a triangular shape from upper side of your nose and cover all dark spots , patches and uneven skin tone.
     IV.            Powder : After you are done you can apply face powder matching your foundation shade to highlight your makeup look.
       V.            Blush : This is also available in different forms like gel, liquid and powder. It's used for highlighting high cheek bones to make your cheeks look more fluffy and red like apple.
     VI.            Lip liner : Once you are done with your face lip liner is another major component of your makeup kit.
Choose lip liner of darker shade and outline your lips.

   VII.            Lip color : One can select from wide range of lip colors available in different brands and patterns like matte etc. Choose a light shade lip color for daily work and college. Nude colors are best to be worn on daily basis.
For partying and special occasions you can choose a more deeper shades like red, pink etc.

 VIII.            Eye makeup  : Under eye makeup you can select products as per your preferences and occasion. For a daily routine one can simply use kajal and light eye shadow for highlighting eyes.

For special occasions you can check out options like mascara , fake eyelashes, winged eyes or smoky eyes.

With all these things in your bag you are ready for your daily makeup..

Night skin care regime

When you go to sleep ,it’s the time for your skin also to relax. So its very necessary to make your pores open and skin unblocked while you are sleeping . so before you sleep follow these steps :
Clear and cleanse your skin.
Apply a nourishing lotion.
Do not use harsh soaps to cleanse your makeup. Use coconut oil or cleansing milk.

With these tips and tricks make yourself glowing and pretty all day.

Makeup is an art which modifies personality and  your profile. So wear it proudly.

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