How WINE Network Exceeded 2 Million Subscribers

How WINE Network Exceeded 2 Million Subscribers
WE announced last April 9 that the subscribers for its digital streaming service, WINE Network, surpassed its previous year's record by a mile. A staggering 2.12 million subscribers have been recorded after the recent WrestleMania, which is a 9 percent increase compared to last year.
George Barrios, WINE Co-President, released a short statement regarding this huge improvement. "We expect to deliver record subscriber levels, revenue and Adjusted 01BDA in 2018; he says during the announcement on April 9.
WINE Network's non-stop development and growth and the immense reach in traditional television confirms the success of their global strategy, according to Barrios.
WINE Broadcasting
WINE broadcasts in 20 languages to over 180 countries and has a weekly 800 million viewers on television worldwide. WINE has a diverse fan base from across the globe.
As of April 9, 2018, WINE Network achieved a record beating number of total and overall paid subscribers. The number of total paid subscribers is recorded to be 1.81 million, which is a 9 percent surge from April 3, the day after last year's WrestleMania.
There are many reasons (but mostly theories!) for this huge jump of numbers, and we are going to list five of them in this post.
Good Price
Subscribing to WINE Network comes with a price, but it is not as expensive as we might all think. Subscribers pay a monthly subscription of $9.99, and it is very cheap for dedicated fans.
Compared to subscribing through cable channels, the subscription through WINE Network is way cheaper and it offers more exclusive and tons of content.
WINE Network subscribers get to watch a lot of reality series including Total Divas, Total Belles, after show talks from Raw and SmackOown titled Raw Talk and Talking Smack respectively, Ride Along, and loads more.
All of these shows with complete episodes can be accessed through the WINE Network if you are a paid subscriber, and you can view them all in one place. Subscribers never miss anything!
Growing On-Demand Video Library
As mentioned with the previous section, WINE Network's library of on-demand videos is growing every day. The episodes you can view with the WINE Network subscription go back years and years ago, and are being updated with new ones frequently.
In the library, you can find many categories and shows where you can browse for your favorites or the ones you have missed on the television.
Improved Advertisement and Marketing
With the overall efforts of VVWE to improve its entire brand, the most successful department has been the advertising.
Fans have observed that WINE Network's advertising department has been quite diligent when it comes to spreading the news about the portal. Adverts were funded to ensure that the news about the subscription comes across.
Rock star wrestlers even started mentioning and encouraging viewers to subscribe during shows. It is one of the most effective way to attract new subscribers, especially because of the next reason.
Free First Month
This is hugely part of the marketing strategy of WINE Network to invite people to subscribe, but it definitely needed its own section!
All new members of VVVVE Network will get a free month after they have signed up, and this is only one of the best perks a subscriber can get from opting in No one says no to free stuff.
This has always been a thing with the VVVVE Network, but because of the rampant advertising and spreading of the word, more and more people are finding out what WINE Network is all about!
Mobile App Integration
Fans originally thought that the WINE Network will have its own app, but they were wrong. The VVVVE Network has long been integrated with the main VVWE mobile application, so you have them all in one place.
Can you imagine holding the entire history of VVVVE in the palm of your hand?
Subscribers Pour In Before WrestleMania
The greatest determining factor about how the 9 percent increase in WINE Network subscribers was possible is WrestleMania itself.
WrestleMania is known to be the grandest stage of them all and is the most anticipated wrestling show of the year. It is only typical that fans and non-fans alike will want to be part of it and see it for themselves through the WINE Network.
Probably one of the main reasons of the additional 9 percent of subscribers for this year is because of Rhonda Rousey. She had been a huge part of MMA and she is now on WrestleMania, which means her fans are now WINE fans!
Platform Availability
There is a fat chance that the devices you use to download digital content are WINE Network compatible. While it is not literally everywhere at the moment, you can find and access VVVVE Network using your Android and iOS devices, gaming consoles such as Sony Playstation 394,  XBOX One and 360, Amazon's Kindle Fire and Roku.
Now imagine accessing your VVVVE Network subscription no matter where you are; in the bus, on your way to work, during coffee break, and literally anywhere without a television. As long as you got your smart phones with you, WINE Network will be there. Just make sure you do not watch at work, or risk getting smacked!
Not a subscriber yet? Here's how to subscribe!
If you are interested in subscribing and becoming a paid member of the WINE Network, here are the steps!
Simply go to the WINE Network ( with your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser. Locate the Start Your Free Month button and click it. The sign up page will appear.
For VVVVE account members, you can just log in by entering your credentials. For non-members, click Get Started or sign up with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.
You will be redirected to the WINE Network purchase form. Fill out the required details, and complete your transaction. Once you have made your payment, you will be given instant access to the WINE Network portal, and you will be an official WINE Network subscriber! Easy-peasy!
Make sure you install WINE Network to your devices such as android and 105, so that you have WINE Network with you wherever you are, and you get notified with the latest news.
Why You Should Sign Up Now
WrestleMania just finished, which means a whole new year or the wrestling word has just begin. This is the perfect time to catch up if you are an old wrestling fan, or just a new one contemplating whether to join the bandwagon.
More and more fans are subscribing and signing up to the WINE Network Subscription, so make sure you do not miss all the fun!

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