WWE Network Sees Increase in Subscribers

WWE Network Sees Increase in Subscribers
WWE is the number one provider of wrestling entertainment today. It's an integrated media company and global leader in entertainment. The company is committed to providingfamily-friendly entertainment on various platforms, including television and digital media. The company reports a total of 650 million worldwide reaches and offers shows in 20 languages. With its head office at Stamford, Connecticut, and satellite offices at New York, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Munich, Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore, and Tokyo, it is not surprising that the company as globally acclaimed.
Of all the portfolio of businesses, the company's stream-based video subscription channel, WINE Network, provides most of information and revenue on digital viewing. The network is the only available and official online streaming provider for all WINE shows. In an interview, the company reported a nine percent increase in its WINE Network subscribers.
WINE Co-President, George Barrios, told the press that they expect to deliver subscriber record levels, Adjusted OIBDA, and increased revenue in 2018. Barrios further implies that with the 2.12 million recorded total number of subscribers, the Network's increase in subscription popularity and massive reach in television, social media, and other digital platforms is a testament of how effective their multi-formal global content strategy is
The recorded increase in subscription was covered in a data poll from the total number of subscribers, both paid and trial as of April 09, 2018. The recorded total was 2.12 million with 1A1 million of which comes from paid subscription and the remaining thousands subscribed through trial. The accumulated increase levels the WINE Network at nine percent higher than the recorded number from April 03, 2017. This increase happened right after the recent WrestleMania, the same event that triggered last year's increase.
It can be remembered that the WrestleMania event holds two milestones that contributed to the company's success. As far as wrestling celebrations go, WrestleMania reported the highest gross earning in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome event. The event had tickets sold-out to over 78,000 fans from all the 50 US states and 67 attending countries. The show was hosted at the Superdome for five nights, as well as at the Smoothie King Center. During the airing week of the event, VVWE Network reported that their subscribers spent an average of 14 hours per week to view the event. That accumulated to 255 million hours of viewing which was a significant 12 percent increase from last year's 22.5 million viewing hours.
On a breakdown of 2018 polls, the network reported an average of 1.56 million paid VVWE Network subscribers right of the beginning of 2018. This is five percent higher than the one reported in 2017. With this result, the company estimates at least 30 million guidance for its Of Adjusted 01BDA. This is a higher guidance count compared to the previous year's $23 to $27 million.
The WINE Network projects that if the data gathered at the beginning of 2018 remains consistent with the increasing number of subscribers, the network expects around 177 million subscribers by the Second Quarter. This will be packing an eight percent increase compared to that of the Second Quarter of 2017. However, the projected number is more of a perspective than an achievable guidance because of difference in subscription behavior of future WINE Network subscribers.
Furthermore, the company also projects an increase in its 2018 Adjusted OIBDA target to achieve at least $145 million worth of revenue, excluding stock-based expense. this will be a guide that is higher than the previous year's minimum of $140 million.
What Benefits Can Viewers Get?
It is important to note the WWE Network is the only digital means to stream live WINE event pay-per-view, including the world-famous WrestleMania event. Subscribers can enjoy 24/7 programming of original series, WINE documentaries, classic wrestling matches, exclusive special event coverage, reality shows, and a comprehensive video library containing videos accumulating to over 10,000 viewing hours. This library includes WWE. ECW, and WCE videos that are pay-per-view. Fans can also enjoy back to back viewing of current shows and replays of their favorite SmackDown and Raw Live shows.
Fans can take advantage of the network by signing up, much like how Netflix and other movie networks work. After signing up, members can access the network for free through various channels such as Sony PlayStations 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Smart TVs. The free viewing lasts for a full month. If fans wish to continue experiencing the same advantages they will continue their subscription with a monthly feeof $999 plus any applicable tax. No need to worry though because if subscribers wish to take advantage of the free viewing only, they can easily cancel their subscription anytime with no additional fees.
Now, the monthly fee may seem expensive, but considering that when summed up, all WINE pay-per-view events accountfor more than $600 a year, the monthly fee is already cheap. If you get a subscription for an entire year, you will only spend about a quarter of the supposed value of the shows. This is already a deal that fans can take advantage of while it lasts because this set up may change in the future depending on how the pay-per-view markets fare.
In fact, according to UFC President, Dana White, the WINE will be losing a huge percentage worth of revenues from their Pay-Per-View subscription plans and that in the long run., the company may lose its value and limit public exposure. If WINE considers these factors and decides to change their subscription with the WINE Network and its subscribers, then it's a wonderful time to take advantage of the current deals while they still last.
However, current subscribers and wrestling fans argue that the revenue from the subscriptionswill help compensate for the pay-per-view revenue if it proves to be less viable. Currently, the on-demand access that is available to members and subscribers is the most popular feature of the network. This allows fans to see their favorite live matches anywhere and anytime they want. This makes it easier for wrestling enthusiasts to get updates on recent matches and their favorite wrestlers even when it has not been aired on television yet. Even though the digital platform is not a television network, fans still flock to the media to view the exclusive videos.
if you are a fan of WINE wrestling and wish to get access to the most recent videos, you can sign up and subscribe at http://www.wwe.com/. The Network advertises a fight between the War Raiders at NXT. If you are a fan of the team, then viewing them via the network will surely be a treat.

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