Wwe network subscribers reached 2.1 million

WWE issued the following, announcing a record 2.1 million subscribers to the WWE Network. WWE Network reaches a record 2.1 million subscribers 04/09/2018
Like last year, WWE held a conference call with its investors and the press, the focus of which was of course WrestleMania 33, but also the WWE Network and the results achieved by the largest pay per view of the year.
ALMOST TWO MILLION, BUT THANKS TO FREE SUBSCRIBERS During this conference the VVWE obviously first announced the number of subscribers to the VVWE Network. VVVVE's streaming and video-on-demand service has 1.95 million subscribers after WrestleMania 33, of which 1.66 million are paying subscribers - the rest are free period subscribers.
This is an 11% increase in the number of subscribers compared to the same period last year 1.45 million (1 27 paying) of these subscribers are American, while internationally they are 497,000 (424,000 paying).
As a reminder, the number of subscribers in January was 15 million. A significant increase but that WWE owes in large part to the free subscribers.
The second 'kickoff' event of the 34th edition of Wrestlemania was won by Cedric Alexander, who became the cruiser weight champion at the big WWE event.
It should be noted that the fight presented in the current Wrestlemania is the final of a tournament with many instances that has been held over the past few days.
In combat, Alexander found himself in front of Mustafa Ali, who had just defeated Drew Gulak. The reigning champion had defeated Roderick Strong in the previous round.
It was through his emblematic'
Lumbar Check' that Cedric Alexander managed to subdue All in this edition of Wrestlemania.
No matter who won this Sunday's WWE Cruiserweight Championship, there was going to be a new champion, as none of the fighters had ever won the tournament before.
WWE ALSO INCREASING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS VVWE's social networks have again been very successful. WWE announces to see reached the figure of 130 million views all media (photos, videos...) on the various social networks where it is present during this weekend of WrestleMania. More than double last year In terms of commitments (likes, comments, sharing), WWE claims 18 million for all platforms combined, 66% more than last year
WWE also reviewed the number of spectators in Orlando's World Stadium Camping this Sunday evening. The figure had already been announced as is the tradition during the evening. For WrestleMania 33, WWE had 75,245 spectators according to its own figures. Let us hope this time that these figures are not contested, unlike last year
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In 2016 WWE announced 1.52 million WWE Network subscribers Three years after its launch, the success of the WWE Network has not waned. With the Cruiserweight Classic, the upcoming return of WWE Backlash and exclusive pay-per-view service, new show projects that will likely see the light of day in the coming months, the game is not about to change.
A NEW RECORD FOR THE WWE NETWORK Today, during the economic review of the second quarter of 2016, VVWE announced that its streaming and video-on-demand service had a record 1.52 million paying subscribers as of June 30. An increase compared to the last announcement made the day after WrestleMania 32, when VVWE announced 1.45 million subscribers.
If we add the current subscriptions with the first free month, the number of subscribers rises to 1.56 million. During the WrestleMania period this figure was 1.8 million. A normal figure for the period, since WrestleMania is the occasion for many WWE fans to discover the service.
WWE also announces that the number of free subscribers leaving the service after the free trial period is down from 20% to 9.9% in the first six months of 2016. The launch of the service in Germany, Japan and Malaysia is still planned for the next twelve months.
THE WWE STILL STRONG ON SOCIAL NETWORKS WWE also announces once again big results for its presence on social networks. The Stamford company claims more than 77 billion videos seen on all platforms (Youtube, Facebook and VVWE.com) in the first six months of 2016, as well as 570 million commitments (views, likes, comments, retweets...) on all social networking platforms on which it is present.
WWE Network stable, Youtube and social networks at the top and record revenues for WWE Today for WWE it is the day of the assessment of the fourth quarter of the year 2015 and of this same year in general. There is obviously again a question of the WWE Network but also of TV revenues and social networks, where the company has made a huge place for itself and intends to keep it.
THE SUCCESS OF THE WWE NETWORK IS CONFIRMED Launched on February 24, 2014 in the United States and worldwide on August 12 of the same year, the WWE Network has since become established on a long-term basis. At the end of 2015, VVVVE's streaming and video on demand service had no less than 122 million subscribers with a peak at 124 million during the quarter. This figure was almost stable compared to the third quarter of the same year, with 123 million subscribers at the end of September. Over an entire year, VVVVE can boast a 49% increase in the number of subscribers.
WWE estimates that throughout this year, 256 million hours of programmes were viewed by all subscribers, representing an average of 188 hours of programmes viewed per household, making WWE Network one of the most watched channels - although it cannot really be considered as such, being an online service. Also note that 25% of the videos viewed on the WWE Network concern pay-per-view, whether live or replay.
In total, the WWE Network reported on the year 2015 159.4 million dollars, or 484 million profits (01BDA). This figure represents more than double the revenue from VVWE's pay-per-view sales before the Network was launched.
The WWE Network also became in 2015 the fifth service Over The Top in the United States behind the giants Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and MLB.TV.
NEW PROGRAMS FOR THE WWE NETWORK WWE will continue its strategy to grow the WWE Network. For the first quarter of 2016, no less than 1000 hours of content from its archives and 300 hours of unpublished programmes will be added to the company's streaming and VOD service.
The new programs mentioned in addition to the pay-per-views are WWE March To WrestleMania, a show that will take place live from Toronto on March 12th with Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast that will return for one or more issues in the coming weeks, Edge 8, Christian's Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness, and Swerved. A surprise for the latter whose end had been announced last autumn.
WWE also continues to plan to open its service in several Asian countries such as China, Thailand and the Philippines and expects to reach 128 million subscribers by the end of the first quarter of 2016.
WWE AT THE TOP ON SOCIAL NETWORKS AND YOUTUBE On the social networks the WWE has settled comfortably and confirms once again its place. In 2015 WWE generated 790 million interactions with its fans on all platforms. A figure that places WWE in sixth place among the most represented brands on social networks according to Sprinklr's Social Business Index, alongside Disney, Time Warner and Google and beating brands like Nike, NFL and NBA. WWE is also the second most popular sports brand on Facebook.
On Youtube too everything is going well for WWE. In 2015, no less than 8 billion videos were seen, a figure that places the company second among sports channels in the video sharing site. A figure that rises to 9.9 billion if you add the views of videos on Facebook.
VVVVE'S REVENUES HIT A RECORD IN 2015 In total in 2015 VVVVE recorded record revenues of $658.8 million, an increase of 21% over 2014. Highest annual revenue in the company's history. A record achieved largely thanks to the VVWE Network but also to TV rights, live events, and sales of goods (whether during the various shows or online).
WWE is also gaining ground internationally. In 2015 WWE generated $170 million in revenues, an increase of 46% over 2014.
In addition to this record, the WWE Network has especially enabled WWE to increase its profits (0IBDA) by 80.3 million dollars and to get its head out of the water The company was in the red in 2014 (-11.6 million dollars), here it is at 687 million dollars of profits in 2015.

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