Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is the most renowned day for shopping in United States observed as a day of shopping fiesta marking the onset of shopping season for Christmas. Black Friday falls right after Thanksgiving Day in U.S. Besides U.S, Black Friday is also observed by many other countries including United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Hungary. Although Black Friday isn’t considered as an official holiday in U.S but some cities like California observe this day as a holiday for Govt. Employees while as for schools and some non Govt. employees, Thanksgiving Day as well as Black Friday are observed as holiday proceeded by weekend and thus make it a delightful holiday package of 4 days.

The commencement of Black Friday dates back to early 2000s and ever since 2005, Black Friday is marked as the most active shopping day of the year. On this day, different offline and online services and products providers offer heavy sales to the customers and thus attracting most of the customers on this day. Last year, 4 day Black Friday was worth 50.9 USD, about 133 million customers from U.S shopped in this weekend while as for the year 2013, the record is whooping 141 million.

The term “Black Friday” wasn’t referred to what it is today! It was firstly used in Philadelphia for the disruptive traffic causing problems on the day after Thanksgiving but later on in 1975, it was observed that retailers suffer from loss until the day of Black Friday and this day marked the start of profit gaining days for retailers. As the time went ascending, new rules were employed in observation of Black Friday. Retailers started opening their shops at 5:00 or 4:00 which usually used to open at 6:00 AM. The charm of Black Friday  took to new heights when for the first time in history, shops were opened at midnight by some eminent retailers like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, etc.

Black Friday although being the heart and soul of shopping fiesta, gains its significance from the fact that it is considered as the start of Christmas season. Since you list of “wanna have” items for Christmas is too long and you are surely going to forget to buy the most important things at the end of the day. So here’s what you need to do for avoiding this roadblock of forgetting things:
First of all you need to get a note pad and start writing down all the essential things you need for this Christmas season whether it’s you clothes, bedding, or decorating stuff.

As different stores have different special products on discounts, you should list down the stores as per available items available on the best price. This way you can find yourself cheaper deals an save some money as well as time. You can grab all the sales info about retailers and their offers on web as well as newspaper.

Instead of going out alone, consider taking out another pair of hands with you in case you are going for heavy shopping. It will not drain you energy and will allow you to sort out all the things like bill paying, dress changing, etc comfortably.

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