Christmas is an annual religious festival of Christians celebrated on 25th December every year. Christmas is declared as the day Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in a stable in Bethlehem. Christmas is a very essential event as far as social and cultural aspects are concerned. However, many people doesn’t consider Christmas as important as other events that took place in the life of Jesus and thus want people to focus more on other important events like Resurrection day, Holy week, etc instead of Christmas. The celebration of Christmas becomes further ambiguous as it was being claimed that there’s no record of Jesus Christ been born on 25th December. 

Therefore different dates   evolved including 21st March, 20thNovember, 20th May, etc. But eventually December 25th was selected as an official day for Christmas by majority of Christians all over the world. On the day of Christmas, gifts are exchanged, X mass tree is decorated, lighting and feasting takes place and the whole Christian civilization goes out in great charm.

No matter what the critics say, majority of Christians celebrate 25th December as the day saviour of mankind was born, the day prophecy was fulfilled, the day son of God came to bring light to this dark and sinful world. Thus, this special proud moment of Christmas marking the birth of Jesus makes it a special holiday celebrated all over the world.

How to celebrate Christmas?

1. The day of Christmas should be celebrated in a joyful manner by spreading happiness all round yourself. There are loads of ways to do so which include playing Christmas songs, saying Merry Christmas to people you meet, etc.
2. On this holy occasion, every Christian should decorate their homes and welcome Santa Claus.
3. Most essentially, you should definitely by a Christmas tree and decorate it with gifts, ornaments and bulbs.
4. Family / friends get together is the best way to celebrate this special day. Gather up with your family/ friends and have meals together on this occasion.
5. You should read Christmas songs, learn it and sing it loudly. Sing it at your home, go door to door and sing it or go to your nearest folks around. Even though you aren’t a great singer, sing it loud.
6. The most essential thing to do this Christmas season is to organise a food drive for poor people, donate some of your possession to the poor and make happy as many as possible.

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