Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s day is a essential cosmopolitan holiday celebrated by most of the countries’ internationally on different dates. This day is enjoyed in the honour of the responsible and loving fathers in the society worldwide.  As far as majority is concerned, most of the countries prefer celebrating Father’s day on 3rd Sunday of June annually but isn’t not same universally.

Although father’s day is regarded as the universally celebrated holiday but taking a look at the ancient history reminds us of the fact that the origin of celebration of this day roots back to United States where it got originated during the early 20th century and is being celebrated for more than 100 years from now. Soon after the commencement of Mothers day celebration in U.S by Grace Golden Clayton after getting inspired by the writings of Anna Jarvis, this day was highly appreciable by the society and latter on 5th July 1908, first father’s day observation took place at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church located in Fairmount West Virginia.  

The history behind the start of Father’s day celebration lets us know that Monongah Mining Disaster took place in the nearby area which resulted in the loss of 250 fathers out of 3161 men who lost their lives. This December 1907 incident took away Grace Golden Claytons father from her too and then it was decided to celebrate father’s day in the honour of all those fathers.

Father’s Day Celebration Dates of Different Countries:

23rdFebruary:  Russia

19th March:      Andorra

8th May:           Republic of Korea

2nd Sun of May: Romania

3rd Sun of May: Tonga

5th June:             Denmark

1st Sun of June: Lithuania

2nd Sun of June: Austria

3rd Sun of June: Bangladesh
                            Costa Rica

17th June:          El Salvador      

21st June:           Lebanon

22nd June:         Guernsey
                          Isle of Man

Looking for some fresh ideas to celebrate Father’s Day?

If you want to make your Dad on the Father’s Day, here are some simple but effective acts you should be doing on Father’s day.

Start making your Father special from the very morning of the Father’s Day,

  • By letting your fathers sleep a bit longer than usual with no interruption.
  • By making your father’s favourite dish for his breakfast.
  • By spending a family get together on this day which could include a fun picnic, sports event, etc.
  • By playing his favourite sports together.
  • Besides these things to do, you should also consider buying a beautiful gift for your father. Beautiful doesn’t always mean expensive, you can buy anything you father would love to have from you whether it is a wrist watch or a pair of socks. You can also choose to write a loving poem for your dad, dedicating him a song or drawing his painting in case you are talented in that field. Preparing a brief speech in the honour of your father will also do great in making him a proud father.


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