Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day is an official holiday of U.S celebrated annually on the first Monday in the month of September as a tribute to the workers who have contributed their hard work in building a strong and prosperous nation.  The onset of Labor Day celebration in U.S and Canada began since 1894, when first Labor Day was flagged off by Labors Union itself by marching a parade in N.Y city. Labor’s Day was later on declared as national Holiday by Grover Cleveland on 1stMonday of September. However except Canada and U.S, 80+ nations worldwide celebrate the same under names of International workers Day, etc on 1stMay.

The celebration of Labors day starts with the street parades by the labor and trade corporations, Labor Day being celebrated on the 1st Monday of September forms a 3 day weekend which creates a nice gap for a family to visit a beach, go for a family picnic or spending time together. Labor Day weekend provides great opportunity for businessmen to get away from their regular workload and switch towards relaxation phase for these 3 days. It’s essential for every person to ensure that they are spending enough time with their families and this chance is provided by Labor Day. 

You can enjoy nicely cooked recipes at home with your family and have great fun. Nowadays Labor Day is also celebrated by organizing speeches of renowned persons who are well educated in talking about the strengthening of a nation by its Labors making it a pride moment for every U.S Labor.

There has been a long going controversy upon the origin of Labor Day, that whether Peter J. McGuire formulated this day or it was an idea of Mc Guire. So, they both share the credit for the origin of Labor Day partially. Peter J. Maguire. Peter J. McGuire was a co-founder of American Federation of Labor besides being the Gen. Secretary of Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. Whereas Matthew Maguire was a machinist in the earlier stage who later transformed into the secretary of Local 344 of International Association of Machinists in Paterson, N.J.

Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day as an official holiday by law on 21st February 1887. Later on other states started the law making and upon 1894 50% of U.S states made Labor Day official.  It was on 28thJune 1984, U.S congress legalised the celebration of Labors Day and passed the cat to make 1st Monday of September as official Labors Day. 

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