What is Halloween?

Halloween is an annual Christian festival celebrated in most of the western Christian countries on 31stOctober. It is also recognized by the names of All saints Eve, Allhalloween, or All Hallows ‘Eve.  Halloween is observed in remembrance of all the departed people which died as believers including martyrs, saints and all believers.
Halloween is said to have pagan roots by number of scholars mostly resembling to Gaelic Samhain but a huge crowd of scholars also support that fact that Halloween is a pure Christian celebrations with without having to do anything with pagan worshipping like Gaelic Samhain.


Thorough encounter with the word “Halloween” leads us towards the fact that it’s derived from “All Hallows’ Eve” meaning the evening which falls before All Hallows Day. Whereas sliced and mended meaning of the derived word Halloween has been shrink to “Holy Evening”. Halloween Day is celebrated by people in number of ways out of which most popular ways include trick or treating, decorating homes with jack o’ lanterns, apple bobbing, visiting an animated haunted house, attending church services, lighting candles at the graves of dead people.  Some people also prefer praying a lot, keeping fasts and vigils on this day.

Celebrating Halloween- Things to do:

  • If you want your home and your neighbouring atmosphere perfectly pitched with the Halloween fever, pre Halloween preparations are must. Jack o’ lanterns will not decorate your home by itself, adults need to involve their children in pumpkin carving activities and get jack o’ lanterns ready to decorate your home in Halloween fashion.

  • Every Halloween celebrating home should be fully loaded with candies so that flocks of children coming to your home will get enough candies to eat and you never know how much children are planning to visit you on Halloween evening.

  • For adding completely Halloween atmosphere to your home, only jack o’ lanterns won’t work. You will need to get your home designed in a particular horror theme where it is a haunted house theme or cemetery theme. Playing some dreadful music alongside with your horror house will feel real scary to the children and you will face the good rush of children’s approaching your home.

  • Since Halloween comes only once in a year, you might consider throwing up a pre Halloween party where you can play horror games, enjoy eating as well as some music will add a great twist. To increase the intensity of horror, getting some artificial hanging skeletons along with dried ice for precipitation will work great.

  • To look scarier each year, children should buy new costume every year. For the Halloween occasion, there is a huge variety of weird, scary and funny costumes available in the market. Kids should be allowed to get one of their choices.

  • Besides all the fun and caring events, people should celebrate this occasion with their families also by watching a scary movie in the evening together, sharing food, sweets and popcorns will be great stuff to enjoy on Halloween evening with family.

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