What is Android for Work by Google

What is Android for Work by Google?
Knowing the need of unique, improved and secure software’s favorable for various business corporations; Google recently launched this dignified initiative which will highly upgrade the use of internet in the business places. According to this concept by Google, Google will be providing such productive management features for different corporations that will make the corporations to give Android Smartphone’s to their employees. The apps under the Android for work protocol will be separately occupied in the Smartphone clearly distinguishable from the personal apps.
Google has already started working on this new initiative aka Android for work and is aiming at providing most comprehensive email, calendar and contact services to corporations. As per the reports from Google, they are intermingling with the big tech heads like Blackberry, Citrix Systems, Box, etc for the further feasibility of this initiative.
Google wants the corporations to choose Android over Blackberry or Apple which are the first preference for corporations to give to their employees. This is due to the fact that these two OS’s provide much higher level management and security as compared to Android. Now Google is basically implementing their management and security systems to such extent that different corporations will feel reliable for providing their employees with Android Smartphone’s as they do for Apple Inc and Blackberry Ltd.   

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