Health benefits of cucumber

Health benefits of cucumber

With the onset of summer season, people begin to hunt for the vegetables which are natural coolers, cucumber being the most dominant one all over the globe. In fact cucumber is the 4thmost widely cultivated vegetable all over the globe. They belong to family cucurbitaceae   alongside with similar vegetables like watermelon, pumpkin and squash. Cucumbers help rehydrating the body and are very delicious in taste. Cucumbers contain about 95 % water in them which makes them an excellent rehydrating agent.  It’s one of the best known natural agents which can help people in losing weight, besides that Vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitamin B and elements like Potassium, Calcium, etc are present in cucumbers making them highly nutritive and health benefiting.  That isn’t all about the cucumbers; following is the drop down list of health benefits of cucumbers which makes them incredibly special among all summer vegetables.

1. Weight loss: Obviously cucumbers have a long reign of history when it comes to aiding in weight loss. Being low in calories and high in fiber, cucumbers are the best vegetables to control your appetite which allow you to control your dietary intake without suffering from hunger pain. Besides that high fiber content also improves ones digestive system and cucumbers are also found to detoxify different toxins in the body and provide high energy.

2. Aids General health and fitness: One of the most important components for a person to stay hydrated is water and cucumbers provide you with good amount of water keeping you hydrated. Some essential components are present in cucumber which has been found to be effective in controlling blood pressure and prevent suffering from different cardio related diseases. Vitamins and minerals are also the main contents of cucumbers which keep the nutrient deficiency of a person in check.

3. Beautifying: Besides aiding general body health, cucumbers play essential role in beautification. You must have observed cucumber being used in beauty parlours and home beautification remedies. It’s because cucumber is able to reduce dark circles around your eyes, soothes skin and reduce irritation. Cucumbers also show good effect on sun burns and bug bites.   Thus, cucumber is a multi benefit vegetable which should be extensively consumed in the summer season.

4. Brain Protection: You might get surprised to know but it’s a fact that cucumbers contain anti inflammatory flavonol known as fisetin. Thi compound plays a great role in preventing the damage of your nerve cells in the brain. It helps you curb the memory loss issue as well as fight with Alzheimer’s diseases. Not only brain protection, the multiple polyphenols present in cucumbers are able to help in preventing a huge range of chronic diseases.

5. Stress Management: Some of the chief vitamins from the B family including B1, B7 and B5 are seen in cucumbers and lay a great impact on stress and lets you manage the feeling of anxiety. With stress comes it’s side effects and cucumbers are also able to fight the side effects.

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