Health benefits of green tea

Surprising health benefits of green tea

A cup of green tea in the morning can definitely keep you healthy, wealthy and wise. Green tea is a perfect beverage containing a lot of anti oxidants and other nutrients which positively effect on your physical and mental well being. Some of the incredible health benefits of green tea include increase in smartness, minimum cancer risk, loss of fat, etc.

 Free radicals can be very harmful to the cells and molecules of your body and play a big role in ageing and multiple diseases. The polyphenol structured flavinoids and catechins present in the green tea lower the free radical formation in the body and keeps the concentration of free radicals in check. Besides these antioxidants, a special anti oxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate is present in green tree and studies show that this compound is helpful in treating a multiple number of health problems and this compound is the basic material which makes green tea a universally acceptable healthy beverage. Some of the other health benefiting minerals are also present in green tea but it’s recommended to buy a genuine pack of green tea in order to get fully benefited.

Most of the students as well as busy late night office workers drink coffee or green tea in order to stay awake because of its brain stimulating properties but you will be glad to know that it doesn’t only keeps you awake but also improves your brain functioning. Caffeine being the main brain stimulant is the key in coffee as well as green tea. But it’s recommended to prefer green tea over coffee because coffee contains much more excess of caffeine and can cause other problems where as green tea is a safe to use stimulant containing adequate amount of caffeine. Besides caffeine, L-theanine amino acid is also present in green tea and can act as an essential element to release the anti anxiety hormone in our brain. Thus, the two stimulants caffeine and L- theanine together help you concentrate on your work more smartly.

Besides these essential health benefits there are other miraculous things that green tea is able to perform. It has been studied that caffeine present in green tea increases the metabolic rate and causes increase in the fat burning process thus helping you to lose weight effectively. Due to the high anti oxidant concentration in green tea, it is beneficial in lowering the risk of cancer which is caused by oxidative damage to the cell causing it to lose track of cell cycle and then rapid growth of cells take place. Green tea has the ability to lower the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. All these components present in green tea have positive effects on your brain and it has been seen that green tea protects your brain in old age and lower the risk of having Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. 

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